Everyone's Gerhard

action : get out of the bathroom and see where i am at

You pull the bathroom door towards you, in order to get out. It requires some strength to be exerted as there seems to be, on the door, one of those arms that makes sure that one doesn’t accidentaly leave it open. You step through the opening you created.
You are in some kind of Sushi restaurant. Not a good one, judging by the fact that they seem to think that serving Sushi with strawberries is a good idea (what monster would do that?!). There are some tables, two of them being occupied. On one there is a female human being with a male human being. On the other there are five people of about the same age (it’s two 1x1 tables joined together so there is space for at least 6). The couple seems to be midway through their meal, while the other table seems to be waiting for the menu or for the food. There’s also some sort of counter where Sushi is being prepared. There are 3-5 workers, only one of them cutting and rolling. The other seem to do different stuff. They seem to be minding their own bussiness.
This place isn’t luxurious but there seems to be some decoration. There’s a digitalized painting of some mountains (lot’s of white, black and pink) on the wall, aswell as an advertisement for some Japanese beer and some colorful plates. There are some pots with plants or dry sticks standing here and there. There’s a television hung from the ceiling at a corner of the room presenting mostly football (Not american football. It’s what they call soccer.).
There’s a wide window which allows your eyes to perceive a street with some cars parked and others driving by. The buildings outside don’t seem to be too high, but some of them seem to have more than one floor. Seems to be daytime.

Action: Go Outside And Look For A Store

You have been listening to a voice which sounded friendly and trustworthy for some time. It was that voice which motivated you to make yourself presentable and to leave the bathroom. But now it’s asking you to search for a store. It is not clear why you should do that but it is probably for the best of your well-being, so you decide to follow the voice’s command.
The street if filled with cafes and restaurants of different origins and taste. There’s some sort of eco-food shop down the street. It is mainly painted in green. On your way to it only one human being seems to look at you in a weird way. That means you were succesfull in making yourself presentable, I guess?
As you enter the store, you see a cashier dealing with a not too long line of customers. There are shelves of mushrooms, quinoa, chia seeds, palm-oil-free products and everything else a citizen concerned with health and ethics would need. There are some people wandering through the alleys with their clothbags. There’s also fresh bread being sold here. There is a door labled “WC” to the right side of the entrance (opposite to where the customers pay for their goods). In your left pocket there is 60.23 units of currency (u.c) in cash. Not much considering the prices in this shop. You could probably buy 26 Bretzeln with this.

Action:Try to Find A Dollar Store

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Sorry for the delayed response.
The voice in your head seems to be displeased with this shop. She tells you to look for a dollar store. As there is none in immediate range, you walk in a random direction for 5 minutes, being unsuccessful. There’s a small kiosk with some magazines, cigarettes, key holders, postcards, etc., though. Will you try your luck, walking 5 more minutes (if Gerhard does nothing exciting for ten minutes there’s a chance that you loose control over him)?


Hey @Elrakrez please continue the game.

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@Elrakrez please continue.

@Elrakrez please continue! (double post :weary:)

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You walk into the store.
You see (prices are the average):
newspapers @ 1,60 u.c each
some weird health magazines @ 5,20 u.c each
some other magazines @ 3,50 each
postcards @ 1,00 u.c each
plastic key chains @ 0,70 u.c each
a teddy bear @ 19,99 u.c
scratch cards @ 1,50 u.c each
some wall clocks @ 12,00 u.c each
cigarette packs @ 5,00 u.c each
bags of tobbaco @ 14,00 u.c
cans of tobacco of 1,60 L @ 45,50 u.c
The Vanishing Half (Hard cover) @ 23,10 u.c
The Guest List (Hard cover) @ 23,99 u.c
Where the Crawdads Sing (Paperback) @ 18,52 u.c
The Lies That Bind (Paperback) @ 14,86 u.c
Hideaway (Paperback) @ 17,95 u.c
Chupa Chups® @ 0,99 u.c each

Behind the counter is a female young adult who just sold a scratch card to a very old lady. That lady put her purse back into her handbag and set that bag down on the ground by her feet.
“I’m sure today’s the day my persistence pays off! Despite the fact that was what I said the last 13 times… Have you heard what the youth is doing these days? Back in my day, such behaviour was punished by breaking all their bones and locking them away to hammer some sense into their confused wrongful minds! Those days… Those were good days.
How’s Christenifer doing? I heard she decided break up with that guy.”
She’s currently scratching the scratch card with a coin.


That was a long time…

Action: Check how much money i have?(is this a action)

In your pocket, there are 60,23 u.c.

Action: Look around for some boxes

There’s no box in immediate sight. You could try to search for one nearby that could be hidden or out of view, but I’d ask you for a roll on “searching” or something like that, since that isn’t a very straight forward task. If you want to make a roll, you’ll need to get 6 or more to succeed (on a d6) if “searching” or something similar isn’t a skill you have, 3 or more otherwise. You may use tokens to lower the requirement. Failure implies a fight for control among the voices.

Will you search?

Yeah i will roll
Action: Search For Boxes

Since you have no skill in “searching” or something similar, you have to roll 6 or more.



You fail

Your search skills are kinda rusty. “How did people do that again? Do they need a license to search for boxes? I don’t know. I’ll just follow my instincts!” (Burning as few calories as possible)
You stand in place, squint your eyes and try to see if you see any boxes in the distance and around you, bending from time to time to one side and then to another to get as many viewing angles as possible.
Unfortunately, you do not succeed. You get some funny looks, though.

Battle for control over Gerhard begins!

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the problem with this poll is that after i vote, get out of the thread, and come back again i can see the votes.
the previous poll was better in my opinion

Sorry about that. I had a number of problems with the polls. The number poll gave averages, the one that only shows votes after it has been closed didn’t show who voted (only after closed, which could let foreigners inflate the number of users voted, which made it impossible to know when to close it).
I decided to trust the users that are playing, instead of the whole forum.
Also, sorry, I forgot to add the option to vote 0.
In the future votes will be cast through PMs and I then write here who bid how much.

Edit: In my defense, I had just woken up and was in a hurry when I wrote the poll.

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Yea, pm votes are way better than the polls tbh

btw everyone voted, seems like oofer won