Faction wars

The automated industries fully industrialize Keuiper Belt, creating gargantuan wonders of engigneering just to expand their industrial capability, using their industry they convert Neptune into a planetary-sized quantum supercomputer in which they are developping an AI singularity capable of making technological breakthroughts that would take organics centuries in mere seconds and which is also capable of simulating billions of scenarios in seconds to lead the industry as a god-like being.

The willosaurs colonize alpha centauri and work on a mega-brain to simulate wars and develop a singularity and super intelligent artificial intelligence. The willosaurs successfully test a planet destroying weapon and are now approaching 1 billion active spaceships and 5 billion active personnel in their army

as the trojan hacked the plants, they failed to realise that this would mean the plants would completely lack any sort of empathy for anything anymore, and so the plants, using their shared hyper-intelligent brain, began crafting weapons of mass destruction deep under their outer skin, and when the industries continued trying to harvest them, the photosynths unleashed hellfire upon them and their colonies, slaughtering 90% of their population, they then proceeded to use the industries own technology to turn them into simple cattle robots, after which they brought back their own feeling of pain, but made themselve completely immune to fire, even though their bodies wouldnt burn up at all with the considerable lack of oxygen in space. this allowed the plants to continue their growth, and so they expanded into neptune, covering the AI itself, absorbing it, and completely annihilating it, allowing the photosynths to grow their intelligence beyond what they were like before, and becoming the gods of the solar system

When the sapient plants absorbed the planetary computer into their WebMind the sheer compuationary power of the quantistic planetary computer started influencing them to build more industry, it started slowly but then esponentially increased as more and more sapient plants were being changed on the neurological level to expand the industry. When the last of the sapient plants was modified to expand the industry they started experimenting with their “pain growth” until they were capable of using it to grow more industry, and as such they selectively stopped sending nutrients to parts of their body to then replace them for machinery until their whole body was replaced with machinery.

And using pain to grow more industry they envelopped the sun into a matrioshka brain from which they sent planet sized ships to Sirius and Barnard’s Star in order to industrialize them. They also sent another ship to industrialize Alpha Centauri after request from the willosaurs.

i love it

BACK TO STORY: seeing as the destruction and reconsturction of plant matter into mechanical parts was too inefficient, the photosynths chose to evolve their bodies, altering their genetic code to make their own bodies as efficient as possible, becoming a biomechanical monstrosity, and a force to be reckoned with

using the pain growth, the plants expanded well beyond the solar system, creating a gigantic web connecting thousands of stars, and their intelligence continued to grow

The willosaurs evolve themselves so they become 100 times more efficient, and 10 times smarter. They force an alliance on the sapient plants or else make them die to a bioengineered virus disease. The willosaurs colonize several solar systems, and conquer several other alien empires. The willosaurs also make them all be covered in metal, and develop robot chip mind communication, making them very hard to fight due to rapid willosaur alerting, resulting in an army of willosaurs gathering around and destroying the target.

some sentient balls of photosynthesizing space ants that can bind together to share resources and processing power appear within the asteroid belt formed from a destroyed planet in the human habitable zone of a black hole star and start making webs of ants to connect the asteroids and make a sedimentary planet as a home

The sapient plants are just getting punched around by everybody. Is it possible for them to fight back?

The sillosaur’s military is literally dependant on the automated industries qnd would crumble without it.

lets make them regret threatening something that was actually supposed to be their ally

I never said that the willosaurs were allies with the sapient plants. However, you mentioned something being at the request of the willosaurs, so I decided to force an alliance on the sapient plants. Do you want to form an alliance now? No threats this time.

Meanwhile, the willosaurs send a computer virus and destroy the belgium communication systems.

This is when they allied. Also, there are no sapient plants anymore, only the Chlorophylian Automated Industries remain.

so the underwater civilzations merged with the sapient plants(I will still call them that)?

The descendants of the underwater civilizations merged with the sapient plants.

my autotrophic space ants that can share everything including brain cells that just appeared: :upside_down_face:

the space ants, after making the sedimentary planet, decide to make a few of the ants their queens and have them all, as well as a few thousand other ants, bind into one so they can make a caste of ant for making a fluid that hardens into a durable glass like substance when exposed to UV light and when that is done the ants unbind and start feeding the queen ants


Factions expanded
Willosaurs and underwater civs tried to make sentient plants into food source
Causing lots of suffering
A forgotten god from ancient times helped the sentient plants and allowed them to grow in size if they experienced pain, and also let them have the ability to link their brains
The sentient plants expanded greatly and covered the whole earth, meanwhile, the willosaurs and underwater civs industries expanded into the rest of the solar system
And they continued trying to abuse the sentient plants
All out war began
That ended with willosaurs leaving the solar system, and sentient plants annihilating underwater civs and merging with a super AI built on Neptune
Now the plants cover the whole solar system
And are expanding outwards

please pick a new faction

  • the cult of the forgotten god (grey)
  • the ai enhanced plantoids (green)
  • the willosaur world ships (purple)
  • the space ants (red) (evolved from the communist cows)
  • the banana cult of mars (yellow and brown)

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feel free to make flags of your faction that would be fun

I thought Willosaurs were carnivores!

It’s not “AI enhanced plantoids” it’s “Chlorophillyan Automated Industries”