Fallout Nuclear Winter 2 an rp game

The story is different to the last it has been 100 years since every civilization in Alaska collapsed because of the scorched (or moist). And now new vaults are opening up and settlers are arriving along with bands of raiders and groups of super mutants.
It is up to you to reclaim the frozen wasteland but not as a leader but as regular guy just trying to survive (you can still become a leader somehow but you have to earn it). For the rules just look at my other fallout game fallout 4 rp for the rules (as I am to lasy to go over them again) and what group you are traveling with.
@TeaKing do you want to join?

yes ill join, gonna edit this post and add my character.

Name: Jarendis
Gender: male
Race: human
Bio: Jarendis is a curious, smart, and adventurous guy, he hates conflict and war since they cause useless damage and suffering to everyone involved, and he wants all humans to unite so humanity can progress. He is good with rifles, and the ladies might find him charming.
People with them: his brother Sam.
S: 2
P: 3
E: 2
C: 3
I: 4
A: 2
L: 1
perks: lady killer, rifleman

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I will not begin until 4 people (max 6) have joined.

hey are u going to play too?

I have never played in Fallout, but want to join. Can you explain me rules? The only thing i know - we will play in post-apocalyptic world, created with many nuclear explosions.

Im in the same situation as @Gotor. I want to join and know the rules
Theres no problem if i dont post here for a while right?

you can both join.
@Gotor please look at fallout 4 rp for the rules (as they are quite long)
@LordLovat if you hold back the game then your character will be frozen until you post.
if you both want to know more about fallout then you should look at some fundamental videos on youtube for things such as what ghouls are and how they are made and same with supermutants (you should definitely look at these 2 subjects as they are playable races) along with the great war.
@TeaKing you should also look at a video as perks can be quite useful (also if you level up you get an attribute point that can be used to increase a stat or buy and or advance a perk.
also if you play as a ghoul then you get +2 endurance but -2 charisma and if you play as a supermutant you get +4 to strength and +3 to endurance but -3 charisma and -4 intelligence and both are not welcomed in most human settlements but are immune to rad damage and both are also sterile.

I’ll try to start now.
Name: Dr. Remus
Gender: male
Race: ghoul
Biography: Dr. Remus - scientist-paleontologist, learned medicine in university, was on an expedition to the Yukon river. When the war(?) started, he with command were next to the shelter, but, because of disabled siren and belated alarm announcement by lokals, they didn’t get to the shelter in time. But, with much time, he understood, that he is only one person, preserved consciousness (everyone has become ghouls at this moment). He went away and tried to find ways to became human. But every his explorations were failure. With time, he started do things, he need with his hands, did small home in house cellar. Dreams become a human, tries to communicate with them.
Ghouls with him: nobody, but he know, where his command based.
Perks: medicine and repair.
What to do with charisma (-1)? Or it’s normal?

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that is enough to join.

@zenzonegaming I added 2 perks to my character.

Hold up, I’m joining too.

Name: Westley Longson
Gender: Male
Race: Hoooman

Bio: Westley was an Alaskan drug dealer who happend to be at the right place at the right time, sneaking into a vault and never getting caught. He is cunning, but also greedy and arrogant.

S: 1
P: 1
E: 3
C: 5
I: 3
A: 1
L: 3

Perks: Chemist, Fortunate Finder

By the way, since in Fallout 4 we would get 21 points to spend, shouldn’t it be the same case here?

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ok now lovat is the only one that needs to make their character then we start, right zen?

it has been 141 years since the great war so Westley should be dead how about it was an ancestor of Westley who sneaked in.
also I agree but lets just keep it how it is.
also @TeaKing yes as soon as @LordLovat makes their character I can start.
but it might be a day or 2 until I post the round.
also for the first round I will roll a die to see how well everyone starts out.
also @Gotor yes it is -1 unless you invest a point or two.

Is it ok? Can it stay like now?

it will be -1 until you invest more points which you can do later.

We can simply explain it with genetic mutation, turned off the aging gene. Or some reactions, related to the past and did something like last? Even FEV can do it.

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Name: Anthony Nathan;
Biography: Survivor with friend John. Good with weapons and surviving tricks. Former Dr. in biology and physics. Just wants surviving and meet family.
Perk: Tricks of surviving and has some weapons.
S. 1
P. 2
E. 3
C. 1
I. 5
A. 1
L. 4
how many points I had and how many we gain every round?

S: Strength
P: Perception
E: Endurance
C: Charisma
I: Intelligence
A: Agility
L: Luck

SPECIAL - the characteristics of the characters
S - strength
P - perception
E - endurance
C - charisma
I - intellect
A - agility
L - luck
I don’t know, for what everything affect

that’s not what perks mean, and those arent perks, u can find a list of perks here: Fallout 4 perks | Fallout Wiki | Fandom.
choose two perks out of them based on your stats, so if u have 1 strength then u can get the iron fists perk, 2 strength u can get big leagues and so on… Note: u dont need to get perks in a linear fashion, so if u want let’s say big leagues u dont have to get iron fists.

currently u have 10 points, as for gaining more points it’s based on your actions, not rounds as far as i know.

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