Fantasy forum game (but different from soundwave's)

One day, a long time ago, there existed a simple, primordial rock, it had oceans and continents, but no life existed on it’s surface, that is, until the great seeding happened.

Several gods from across dimensions joined together and seeded it with life, at first it was simple, procaryotic life, but then plants were introduced, and then creatures, and then some gods abducted magical creatures from their own realms and introduced them to the world.

The rock became seeped with mana, causing a massive amount of change to occur to both the inhabitants and the landscape itself over the next millennia.

But eventually it became ready, it became ready for the event that the gods had waited for thousands of years for.

The introduction of sentient life.

While the planet’s life forms settled, the gods bickered and squabbled over who’s creations would be used, but eventually it was decided which creatures will be created for this world.

The Humans, ambitious and adventurous.

The Dwarves, sturdy and traditional.

The Elves, magical and wise.

The Gnomes, curious and inventive.

The Goblins, fast spreading and savage.

The Hobgoblins, militaristic and cruel.

The Ogres, gluttonous and strong.

The Kobolds, industrious and greedy.

These eight races were chosen to be spread across the planet, and the gods would watch as they rose and fell, waged war and made peace, spread destruction and happiness.

They agreed that they could not directly intervene with any of the events of the world after the seeding, and they sat back and watched as the first peoples awoke.

Welcome one and all to yet another forum game I have created! (let’s just hope I don’t forget about this one)

I think you already all know what the basic premise is, this is a civ game like @stealthstyle’s where you play in a fantasy world, but this one has different races than the other one.

So here are the races you can chose from:

Oh and also you won’t be the only civs of each race, there will be a few smaller tribes that can eventually grow into major factions.

And I’d also like to note that the races can crossbreed, but I won’t bring them into any equations and mostly just ignore them for the sake of simplicity (which I’m going to need a lot of)

And you may notice that I explain the appearance of some of these races more than others, this is because I largely gloss over most of their features unless they are notable and different from human anatomy

Also you may notice that a few races seem a bit weak, this is largely due to me wanting you to have to play to your strengths, for example if you chose Goblins then you’re pretty much bad at everything which emphasizes that you need to be underhanded and unfair to your enemies, and to rely on your almost-always-superior numbers

Humans: I don’t think you really need a description for them, because we are all humans (or are we?).

Starting population: 20

Starting locations: anywhere on the overworld (the overworld being the surface of the planet, underneath it are several cave systems that eventually lead into the underdark)

Subraces: none.

Dwarves: Dwarves are short stocky humanoids that usually stand at around 4 ft tall.

The males of the race pride themselves on large beards, and short beards or a clean-shaven face is seen as a sign of immaturity.

They reach sexual maturity at the same age as humans and are recognized as adults at the age of 21, they can usually live anywhere in between 400-600 years.

While they are small they are also very dense, and are usually far stronger and more durable than regular humans.

Bonuses (that all subraces share):

+1 on rolls related to smithing, building and runecrafting (a technique used for applying magical effects onto objects)

+1 on rolls related to defending areas from enemies.

Negatives (that all subraces share):

-1 on rolls related to research (the exception being if they are related to smithing, building or runecrafting).

-3 on rolls related to developing magic (except for earth magic).

Subraces (note: there is no main race, so one must be chosen for this faction):

Mountain Dwarf: pretty much the base dwarf, although they prefer mountains and have a few unicue aspects.


+1 on rolls related to mining (is also exempt from the research aspect of dwarfs)


Doesn’t really have any that aren’t shared with the other subrace

Starting population: 20

Starting locations: mountains (duh).

Deep Dwarf: the were originally mountain dwarves that ventured down into deep caves, eventually becoming lost and being forced into slavery by a hyper intelligent race of squid people, generations in the depths have bred all of the warmth and kindness out of their hearts.

When they were picked to be seeded on a different world, they were no longer dwarves, their skin had become ashy, their hair grey, and their eyes milky, they had become Deep Dwarves.


Automatic success for any roll related to seeing in the dark (due to their natural darkvision)

+1 to rolls related to stealth (such as sending spies to spy on an enemy kingdom or steal something valuable)

+1 to rolls related to shadow magic (exempt from other rule)


Initial reputation with non-Deep Dwarf kingdoms -100 (distrust)

-3 from diplomatic rolls

-5 to rolls related to seeing in the light (also due to the darkvision)

Starting population: 20

Starting locations: underdark.

Elves: Elves appear mostly similar to humans, except they have pointy ears and are generally taller and thinner than humans.

They are a long lived race, usually reaching 1000 years old, they reach sexual maturity in their 50s and are usually considered adults when they reach 100 (though it entirely depends on how much they have experienced so it can take longer or shorter for them to become recognized).

Though while they are not particularly powerful warriors they more than make up for it with their magical prowess and agility.

While they are usually arrogant due to their majestic nature they are still usually well liked with other races.

Bonuses (that all subraces share):

+1 to all magic related rolls

+1 to all cultural related rolls

+3 to any fighting related roll that takes place inside of their natural environment

Initial reputation with non-elven civilized kingdoms +100 (liked)

Negatives (that all subraces share):

-1 to any research related rolls

-3 to any fighting related roll that prioritizes brute force

-5 to any rolls that suppress the opinions of the people or is viewed as tyrannical (due to them being more free (pretty much if you play as this faction then you have to pay more attention to your people and their opinions))

-3 to any fighting related roll that takes place outside of their natural environment

Subraces (note: there is no main race, so one must be chosen for this faction):

High Elves:

They pretty much are the base elves and so have no differences in appearance than what I just described (though they do have blond hair more commonly than the other types)


Exempt from the “-3 to any fighting related roll that takes place outside of their natural environment” rule due to them not really having a natural environment

+1 to all magic related rolls (on top of the shared bonus)


Exempt from the “+3 to any fighting related roll that takes place outside of their natural environment” rule due to them not really having a natural environment

Starting population: 15

Starting location: anywhere on the overworld

Forest Elves:

They look pretty much the same as high elves except they tend to have black or brown hair and are a tad shorter.

They also only live to 900 on average.

They strive themselves on upholding the natural order of the forest, and cannot bear to kill animals or even harm the trees.


Starting tech: tree craft (your people understand how to make buildings and structures from living trees through magic)

+3 to any roll related to taming animals or animalistic plants (pretty much plants that can move or attack)

+2 to any stealth related rolls in their natural environment


-10 to any roll that even remotely relates to harming a non-sentient, non-evil animal or plant (it is such a high malice because it goes against their nature and their culture among other things), but if it can think then its generally okay (except if it is heavily tied to nature like ents or nymphs)

Starting population: 15

Starting location/ natural environment: forest (duh)

Note: even though they are FOREST elves jungle environments also count as home turf.

Desert elves:

Pretty much the same as forest elves but they tend to have darker skin tones due to the desert sun.


+3 to any roll related to fire magic

+1 to any roll related to moving or scouting on desert biomes


Exempt to the general magic-boosting nature of elves (removes the “+1 to all magic related rolls” bonus)

-3 to any roll related to water magic or dealing with water magic

Starting population: 15

Starting location/natural environment: desert (includes anything that is dry and sandy such as sand dunes or salt pans)

Dark Elves:

This subrace was formed when an evil group of high elves were exiled for their wicked experiments, they wandered across the cave system where they were banished to before eventually finding the underdark.

They settled there, and eventually established an entire kingdom, but as time wore on the alien environment caused them to change.

Their skin became dark, almost as if made of liquid shadow, allowing them to fade from sight, their pupils took over their eyes, and allowed them to see clearly in the darkest of nights.

But by far the most profound change was within, their society focused on evil instead of good, they began to loath nature instead of adore it, they could not stand the surface anymore.

And thus, the Dark Elves were born.


+5 to any stealth related rolls in dark areas

+100 initial reputation with monster races

+5 to any roll related to shadow magic (removes the general magic bonus of the base elves)

Is exempt from the natural rivalry between civilized races and monster races (will be explained a bit further down)


-5 to any stealth related rolls in bright areas

-100 initial reputation with civilized races (is also exempt from the “+100 intitial reputation with civilized races” boon)

-10 to any roll related to light magic

-3 to any roll related to fire magic

-3 to diplomatic rolls

Starting population: 15

Starting location: anywhere in the underdark (mushroom grove, crystal caverns, regular caverns)

Gnomes: Gnomes are a small, fey people that usually stand at around 2 feet tall, they are known across the lands for their technological innovation and genius.

Unlike many of the other races of this world Gnomes are the only chosen race (aside from Kobolds I guess) to have originated alongside a separate race that was also introduced into the world, they evolved alongside Kobolds, their past is steeped with war and death on both sides, leading to them becoming natural enemies.

The Gnomes say that the Kobolds started it, stealing their amazing technological innovations and using them to construct factories that spewed out toxic gas and enslaved peaceful creatures, and the Kobolds say that the Gnomes started it, attacking them unprovoked and razing their capital city to the ground, killing hundreds of thousands of women and children.

It is largely a mystery as to who truly started their epic feud, but one thing is for sure, there is nothing in this or any other world that a Gnome hates more than a Kobold.


+5 to any research related roll

Starting technologies: simple alchemy (the ability to brew simple potions), agriculture, permanent structures (wood)

+2 to any roll related to trading


-10 to any roll that involves fighting physically

-100 initial reputation with any kingdom (due to their greed)

-1000 reputation (hatred) with any kobold kingdom, cannot increase reputation with any Kobold kingdom

Subraces: none

Starting population: 20

Starting location: anywhere on the overworld

Monster races (note: all monster kingdoms automatically have -500 initial reputation with civilized kingdoms):

Goblins: Goblins are by far the most commonly reviled people in the entire world, they are weak, smelly, ignorant and above all cruel, but the most notable trait about them is their breeding rates.

Every pregnant goblinette only has to wait a single month for her to give birth to a litter of greenskins anywhere in between 3 and 6 in number, and these little runts reach sexual maturity within another month, and are recognized as official adults within a week of puberty, they usually live to 15.

This coupled with their willingness to eat just about anything allows them to grow from a small tribe of 20 into a horde numbering in the hundreds within just a year, but this high population puts an extreme amount of strain on their food supply, which forces them to do frequent raids on nearby neighbors and to completely sack their farms and devour their livestock.

It is generally excepted by scholars (even the rare goblin one) that this high birth rate is the only reason that the race has survived this long.

It is also notable that even though goblins and hobgoblins are named very similarly they have no relation whatsoever.

Goblins have green skin and large, batlike ears, they usually stand around 3 feet and are almost always simple minded.

Their eye color is usually red or orange, and their hair is usually black or red.

Their teeth are razor sharp, and very usually rotting, and their fingers end in claws that help with climbing.

They are famously cowards, and are willing to do anything to survive, this is largely due to their religion which pretty much states that all goblins go to hell no matter what when they die, but this also translates into a willingness to do absolutely anything to win, even if it means sacrificing a few of your more disliked allies.


+10 to any roll related to increasing population

+3 to any roll related to laying traps or trying to get the upper hand on the enemy (only through dishonorable ways however, so you can’t just vote for your warriors to just “be better”)

+1 to rolls related to raiding or pillaging your enemies

+3 to any roll related to running away or hiding from something that is trying to kill you


-5 to any roll related to fighting directly

-3 to any roll that requires intelligence (researching, magic, etc.)

-1 to everything else

Starting population: 50

Starting locations: anywhere on the overworld

Subraces (note: unlike Dwarves and Elves you CAN just chose Goblins for your race and not chose a subrace):

Cave Goblin: yet another underdark variant, while all Goblins are considered ugly, Cave Goblins are hard to stomach even by Goblin standards.

The generations spent in the dark have cause their eyes to become black, and for them to lose all hair pigmentation, but by far their most notable feature is their skin.

It is completely bleach white, and it is almost see-through, a crisscrossing pattern of veins pumping with fetid black blood perceptible across their entire body, but if you pay close enough attention to one of them then you can not only see their muscles and skeleton, but their throbbing internal organs as well.

They are cruel and psychotic, living only to spread the suffering that they have felt throughout their lives in the underdark, and despise anything and everything that they consider “light touched”.

Where as the other underdark subraces can all exist in the light (how ever much they don’t like it) Cave Goblins physically can’t handle it, as their flesh starts to overheat and they are burnt alive just with brief exposure to direct sunlight, and as a result they cannot leave their underground lairs unless it is a pitch black night.


Automatic success to anything related to seeing in the dark (due to their Darkvision)

+5 to fighting and laying traps in the dark (the fighting bonus only kicks in if the enemy is disorientated by the darkness)

+2 to any roll related to shadow magic (also negates the magic penalty (but only for shadow magic))

Immune to poison (due to their near constant exposure to deadly mushroom spores)


Any Cave Goblin that stands in direct sunlight for more than 10 seconds will die.

-20 to any roll related to a Cave Goblin attempting to use light magic (instant death for the Goblin and likely a few others)

-10 to any roll related to fire magic (at most Cave Goblin fire mages will only ever to be able to cast a fireball while severely damaging their bodies)

Starting population: 50

Starting location: underdark

Hobgoblin: while their names might make them seem like cousins of the Goblin, they are in fact not related in the slightest.

The stand at around the same height as humans, but that is where the similarities end.

Their faces are bestial, with large tusks sticking out of the mouths of the males, their skin is a greyish color, and their fingers end in short claws.

Their culture revolves largely around warfare and their leaders are almost always tyrants, the soft hearted individuals not lasting too long in their cruel society which prizes might and strength above all else.

Although they are strong in straight fights, they also have a great code of honor which largely prevents them from being dishonorable in battle.

In contrast to Goblins Hobgoblins believe that when they die (granted it is not a suicide death) that they get sent to heaven no matter what if they were honorable enough in battle.


+3 to any roll related to battle or making armies

For one time the player that chooses this race can add +3 to any vote, but this only becomes available after a major victory or a major enemy is defeated


-5 to diplomatic and trading rolls

-5 to subterfuge-related rolls as well as rolls related to laying traps or poisoning enemies (or any dishonorable way to win a fight)

Starting population: 20

Starting location: anywhere on the overworld

Subraces: none.

Ogres: there are only a few words that can be used to describe an ogre, big, strong and dumb.

They stand at roughly 10-12 feet in height and the shortest are generally only 8 feet tall, though they may appear to be obese their bodies are built with just as much muscle as fat, in fact it almost seems as though the heavier they are the stronger they are.

They are well known for their deep, almost unending hunger, and as a result need roughly 3 times as much food as an adult human male.

They gestate, mature and age at roughly the same amount of time as humans, although they can sometimes live to be 120.

Their skin is a greyish yellow, and usually thick enough to stop blows from mighty greatswords.

Their culture is primitive, and largely evolves around fighting and food.

Though they can eat fruit and vegetables, they greatly prefer meat, meat that’s still screaming at them if necessary.

It is also common for any dead members to be cannibalized by the rest of the tribe


+5 bonus to any sort of fighting rolls

+5 bonus to any roll related to finding more food

+3 to any roll related to strength

+2 to any roll related to enduring something


-10 to any roll related to research

-5 to any roll related to magic

-2 to any roll related to diplomacy or trade

-3 to any roll related to crafting or building (their fat sausage fingers can’t exactly do precision work)

Starting population: 10

Starting locations: high mountains

Subraces: none

Kobolds: Kobolds are small reptilian creatures that stand at the same height as a Goblin, they have a prehensile tale and dog-like snout.

Their scales are usually red or brown, but can occasionally be black and Males have several spikes on the back of their heads.

The females are almost impossible to distinguish from the males to a non-reptilian race, but the Kobolds understand the difference (aside from the spikes) and can spot it easily.

They are a highly industrious and greedy race, and are able to almost sniff out valuable minerals through the rock of their sprawling mines.

Kobolds understand the importance of working together and are very closely knit.

Unlike many of the other races of this world Kobolds are the only chosen race (aside from Gnomes) to have originated alongside a separate race that was also introduced into the world, they evolved alongside Gnomes, their past is steeped with war and death on both sides, leading to them becoming natural enemies.

The Kobolds say that the Gnomes started it, attacking them unprovoked and razing their capital city to the ground, killing hundreds of thousands of women and children, and the Gnomes say that the Kobolds started it, stealing their amazing technological innovations and using them to construct factories that spewed out toxic gas and enslaved peaceful creatures.

It is largely a mystery as to who truly started their epic feud, but one thing is for sure, there is nothing in this or any other world that a Kobold hates more than a Gnome.


+2 to any roll related to digging or mines

+3 to any roll for detecting ore veins

+1 to any roll related to stealth

+1 to any roll related to trading

+3 to any roll related to traps


They are cold blooded, and cannot enter cold areas for long (though maybe some technology can fix that eventually)

-1000 reputation with gnomish kingdoms (locked)

-5 to any roll related to fighting head on with an enemy

Starting population: 30

Starting location: anywhere underground in between the surface and the underdark

Subraces: none

Okay, I’m finally done laying out the races, if anyone was wondering why I didn’t do to many subraces, I just didn’t have any ideas and was kind of sick of writing about them.

Okay so now we move onto the rules.

Much like skyguy’s game for every action I will roll a 20 sided die and the success of that action depends on what number it landed on (plus the racial modifiers).

1: complete disaster.

2-5: mistake and something bad will happen, which may include a negative modifier for the future.

5-9 working towards the goal, but some negative effects regarding either the process or result.

10-14: lower end success, got it done, but nothing special is going to happen.

15-19: well done, your people managed to get it right for once and there is even likely going to be an unforeseen benefit.

20: extremely well done with a large and unforeseen boon (depending on the scale of the action).

You will also gain and lose votes depending on how many people you have, how stable they are and how strong your empire is, though this will not be shown to you.


Yes, there is magic in this world and there are several types of it, there is Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Shadow, each of these is a basic elemental affinity, but there are far stronger powers on the horizon if your people become adept enough, though they can never hold power over life or death (at least, not currently…)

Though I do plan on having other races, I won’t include many of them in this game until it is restarted.

So you better all hurry in order to get the race that you want.

The game will start once I have all 8 positions filled.

Good luck!
@fralegend015 @Nover452 @Deathwake @doomlightning @OoferDoofer @Evolution4Weak
also @TeaKing and @MechanicalPumpkin, I don’t know if you want to join or not but you are both welcome.


oh also i’m going to pm the rounds.
i’m still going to post them on here but all of the individual info will be kept to the players themselves.
i also want to note that the ogres can still gain technology, just that they will largely depend on stealing it from the villages that they raid.

oh and i forgot to mention the level of technology everyone is at.
everyone has stone tools, non-permanent structures (tents), has discovered fire, has an oral language and simple fur or leaf clothes.

Ok I want to join but how do I write my civ?

I call kobalds! anyways same as @fralegend015, is there a format or what? how do i write my leaders stats?

I might join, but you should use spoiler tags as the post is very long to scroll through without them, especially during the race explanation

yeah i wrote this round in a different software.
anyways in order to join you need to give me your civ name, civ location and your leader.
they should have a name, title and “class” like tank or mage (but must make sense for the race, so for example no light mage cave goblins or anything).
they should reflect the aspect of the race they lead (so for example an ogre king would be extremely gluttonous and strong).
and you should write what you want your leader to give you bonuses for, but they should be reasonable and if they are a bit too powerful then you will either have to remove a few or add a weakness or two.
also maybe give them a personality quirk or two, just to make them a bit more interesting.
keep in mind that eventually these leaders will die no matter what and when that happens i will make your next leader (but if you get lucky then i might let you influence them)
also every round is a year, which means that at most the leader for the goblins will last only 20 turns before dying of old age, meanwhile the elven leader will probably never die of old age in this game.

civ name: drakon-walkers
location: the cave system under a mountain range overlooking a nice and violent valley full of other people for me to do stuff with.
leader name/title: executor jaquik the drak-kin
class: earth mage
description: a skilled earth mage, Jaquik rose in the ranks quickly and effectively. He is a born optimizer and is obsessed with maximizing gain, caring not for cost but subtracting it for gain. he would slay his own children if it meant getting new, better, ones. he started out as a lay-kobold, a pickaxe swinger, he got his best competition and childhood friend killed. after that he honed his charisma and merchant skills. +3 to intelligence and planning, +3 to terrain control magic, +4 to trading, +50 reputation except for gnomes. (this means half penalty for civilized races) -1 to hand to hand combat, -4 to doing much of anything aboveground, though this is reduced to -1 in highly rocky or vertical terrain. +1 if both are true.
society: like their leader, the Drakon-walkers live for gain, they are hardworking and loyal, and respect nothing but power, be it strength, charm, magic or speed. as you may infer, what they revile in most is, Dragons. they do not worship dragons per se, but like to throw one of their many words for dragons on to titles or verbs, such as themselves: to be a “drakon walker” is to walk with the confidence of a drakon, or greater dragon, gold, silver, red or black. (drak-kin means chosen family to dragon-kind)

sounds nice, but could you maybe add a bit of a personality to your leader? as well as some backstory? this is all optional but it would be better for roleplay (if you want that).
and i don’t rally know what a violent valley really means, could you elaborate a little?
you guys also should remember that these aren’t any run of the mill leaders that can be made when a prince becomes king or whatever, these are the people that forged their civilizations, that had the strength and willpower to pull together countless followers in a time of chaos and confusion and build an empire, so you should probably make them a bit op and then the other leaders are all kind of average afterwards.

Because someone took me what I want, it’s not that I’m holding a grudge or anything like that, so I’ll take the one closest to him.

I will take the Gnomes

let me try to writhe that:

Civ name: Ashldirder
Locations: “Thick forest close to the lake” (A forest overlooking a secluded and ancient lake that the ancient Gnomes knew existed now they have found it [this is not a magic lake, these are more mythological])
Leader: Granashordrd II: A leader who for the first time managed to organize the Gnomes to represent them and do what they always love: “technology and money”. And he believes, one can do business without revealing their secrets with any race except the “hated” kobold.
Class: Secret Merchant
Leader Description: He knows how to do his business in the best way, without unwanted factors knowing about it, and at the same time knowing the knowledge of others and using them to his advantage.
Leader bonus: +5 in any trade relative, +3 Research on anything related to trade or tech, +3 on any Diplomatic related, +2 on exploration, +100 on other kingdom reputation (expect kobolds) , -5 on any harm relate actions in other Civ expect kobolds.
Description: Once upon a time there was a story about a forest full of mushrooms-crystals left in a dim light by the time of day, considered a legend that attracted full of gnomos to look for it. And after a long search and generations, one group has found the place closest to this legend: a dense forest that overlooks a large lake, according to legend, in the area is the Mushroom Forest. But he is still not there and there they decided to settle.

I hope this is enough information that can help, but if it feels too strong, I might be able to download something.

edit: I was confused with the places the Dark elfs could. So I changed the position a bit

edit 2: The starting position was changed to something more logical and natural and also the bonuses that were appropriate in the place.
I’m addicted to balances

Edit 3: I corrected before the points you placed (15 + on 5 -) and also corrected the description to be adjusted for corrections.

Name: Kiolr

Species: Kobold

Location: A cave system with an opening to the surface.

Name: Yionir

Class: Fire mage

Description: He was the son of the kobolds that have been enslaved by Deep Dwarfs, while he was enslaved he was able to watch them smite, the memory of how they swinged their hammers and how they crafted is still engraved in his mind, he also is the one that conducted the war for freedom against the Deep Dwarfs.

Bonus: 6+ on every rool related to fire magic or fire, 5+ on every roll related to seeing in the dark, 2+ on every roll related to smithing, 4+ on every roll related to fighting head on with an enemy, 2+ on every roll related to organizing a war strategy, 1+ on roll related to runecrafting. 1000- reputation with Deep Dwarf kingdooms, 4- on rolls related to diplomacy, 1- on rolls related to seeing in the light.

i’m sorry but the kobolds have already been taken by @Deathwake, you’re going to have to chose something else.
also none of the races know each other beside from the gnomes and kobolds, so you’re backstory can’t really exist.
@doomlightning, i like it (even if i have trouble understanding what you’re saying), but the +2 on any tech that has already been researched by another civ isn’t going to work because again, none of you know about each other, other than that pretty good (but it might have to be balanced a little bit if other players have a weak leader).
also i don’t think you can be in a location like that, at least not this early in the game, you are going to have to pick a mundane starting locations and maybe explore to find someplace that is saturated with mana.

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Well, I write quite slowly (very) in English, so I use Google Translate.
I do not remember writing anything related to mana, but I could change it to forest instead and fix something that was right at the beginning of the game.

well mostly just the mushrooms and crystals as well as the pocket dimension thing.

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It was because I was confused with something else that it has to do with crystals:

But other than that, I fixed it and it should be visible now

Besides, it’s not that fralegend015 Need to choose another race?

Deathwake Select it before:

Name: Holma

race: Human

Location: In a plain near the delta of a river that is surrounded by a forest and a mountain range.


Name: Carlo

Class: sorcerer

Description: He is an intelligent and charismatic person that was able to gather togheter people to survive and to rule over the landscape, is also a good strategist.

Bonus: 6+ to rolls related to magic, 5+ to rolls related to research, 5+ to rolls related to diplomacy, 4+ to rolls related to increasing people’s humor, 3+ to rolls related to war strategies. -6 to rolls related to brute strenght.

yeah that part was referring to him.

i’m goin, +g to tweak it a little.
+4 to rolls related to magic, +3 to rolls related to research, +3 to rolls related to diplomacy and the rest can stay how it is.

wait i think i just got an idea for you make your leader’s stats.
you have a total amount of points that you can assign to anything in order to increase it, like +1 to strength, let’s just say that this is 15, and you have 5 points that you have to assign that makes some rolls worse.
does everybody agree?

what does that mean.