General Religion

So while I was reading through the Society stage topics I noticed only a few aspects of religion where being discussed so I decided to start a discussion for people to talk about the mechanics of religion in the game.
I’ll start with a question:
“When creating your species religion will it be possible to create the religions pantheon (the gods)?”


I think it would be possible because after all when your species starts to get more curious I think they could give you the choice to make a religion to explain the things in their world and such.


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Most likely. Most things in life will be attempted to be implemented into thrive. Also welcome to the forums @sparkaward

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It’s good to hear that. Also thanks for the welcome.

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I mean this game is probably going to implement all the general aspects of your journey to ascension so religion isn’t a bad idea

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Afaik and have read about that, the player would be able to, but it would probably be moved to a “realistic details” list, as it is a bit complex and has other things more important to develop. Sorry but i dont have the source here, though :no_mouth:.

Also, welcome to the forums newcomer Thrivist @sparkaward!
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