Genetic manipulation, storge, jank and all in between

Hello everyone!
before you read what I have written here, I have a few things I want to clarify, mention and clarify before:

First, and probably the most important thing: I’m not the best writer, whoever knows me throughout my time here, knows me that I’m not the best writer here, because I use an external auxiliary tool that helps me write / translate words faster, at the cost of accuracy. So if there is something misunderstood or confused (I’m looking at you “breeding software”), ask me everything.

Second, there have been many and varied discussions that could be related to what I am trying to clarify now, so it may coincide with what has been said in the past. I’ve put links that link to what I’m going to mess with in this post:

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Third: Since I’m in a bachelor’s degree in life sciences and studying the material right now, there may have been inaccuracies in some things, but I do not expect that to happen because I have examined some things in depth. But if by chance something falls and I missed or wrong, I would love for you to correct me on the subject.

And lastly: this is my vision for the future of the game and I do not expect some, if not all, to not enter the game for all sorts of reasons, after all, it is my idea and vision, as someone who wants to mess with astrobiology and developmental evolution and wants to see the game realize my fantasy. I do not think I am the only one with this opinion.

As of this writing, I feel like we’re entering a new and interesting era regarding the future of the game, and it’s an exciting time not only for me, these for anyone who loves the game and wants to see it evolve.
And I’m telling the truth, I really enjoyed the game a lot longer than I did before, and that’s a good sign, but then the question came to me: how far can you push the fantasy that you’re creating a life on a foreign planet?

Then I remember the idea that comes up several times in the past:
The basis and information that says what one looks, behaves and makes a living, at least as far as we know.
There is no living creature on earth that does not have a piece of genetic information, after all, this is one of the 6 definitions of whether it is living or not.

The reason I am uploading it is for 2 reasons:

  1. Besides MP, do not see the presence of something genetic, something I feel controls the creator of the animal in this way.
  2. It feels like it is missing, anyone who knows extensively cell division and protein production in a cell, knows that genetic information greatly affects them, and I want to reinforce that feeling.

I here want to show my idea about the genes in the game, how I see them come into play and how they will affect the game not only in one sense, these also reinforce your fantasy in building a living creature from scratch, kind of.

but before that, let’s start from the beginning:
You enter the game and see the famous opening game we are all familiar with, enter and start playing, start with one familiar cell part, survive and then you enter the editor and come across it:

You see a tag you have never encountered before written on it: genetics
What’s the first thing you think it does?
Some think it’s probably an orbital tree where you develop things in evolution or a fixed order, from which it splits into cooler things. Or maybe according to one of the ideas: some kind of filling of genes from an existing list and you are able to pick just a few of them, and maybe open new ones.

These are ideas that have come up in the past, I have linked them to those who are interested, but I do not want to replace or defame them here, these strengthen them and add something of my own that can unite all the ideas and even beyond. I will here share a number of topics I want to expand, add or in case of need to change.

Free Genes and Cytoplasm
In most prokaryotic unicellular organisms, unlike eukaryotes, there is no nucleus in which it contains the genes. In them, DNA floats freely throughout the cell, and is thought to have been so at the beginning of life: a primitive cell enclosed within a membrane layer containing only floating DNA and perhaps some simple substances and proteins, perhaps even RNA capable of replicating itself.
If you guys have noticed the title and what I’m writing now, I want to expand on something that many probably do not use and want to give it some spotlight on: the cytoplasm.
This is the first thing you start with, within it it produces a simple glycolysis and uses its decomposition as an energy source where it produces ATP from ADP, or in another sentence: the primary energy source of the game.
But other than that and maybe slightly expanding your ability to store materials, or doing nothing special except maybe building material. At first it is useful but later it becomes quite “abandoned”. And more than that, the more you add, the more energy you use and absorb less, according to the Cube Law.
I feel he needs a little more love, and there is no better place than him to start and establish my idea and vision about the future of the game: a primary genetic storage space!

But to first explain this concept, one needs to explain what genes do and what can be done with them:
Each part of the cell organelle contains a piece of gene that explains what it does. You could call it “information.” And when you add it to your cell, you add the information about it into it.
In short, the more you add, the more information you put into the cell, but here we get into the problem: when you select it, do not feel there is room for DNA, these are where the organelle is. Here comes the simple solution: use part of the cytoplasm to store The information.
At first at least it should not be a problem, because these are the same primary “organelles” that are inside the cytoplasm, so automatically, you are already when you put it in your cell, you also get a place for the same information.
But the problem is not at the beginning as stated, these when you get to advanced stages: when you are very big or have a nucleus, then you run into a problem: where can all the information go in? For example Metochondon has not much more information than Metabolosome, it takes some of the genes, for example Mitochondion has 3 pieces of information, one it takes, so where is the rest? Into the cell nucleus of course, that there is room, but to what extent?
The more you add, the less space there was for this information until there was no room.
This is where the cytoplasm comes in to save the day: it adds more genetic space to your cell and is able to add more space to perhaps equally important things: resistance to temperature, toxicity, acid or various viruses.
I do not want to write exact numbers here, but what I am trying to explain briefly to those who do not want to read the mess above:

  1. At first one does not have to worry about the gene threshold and as a result is able to adapt more quickly compared to nucleus holders in that there is more room for special genes.
  2. It gives you greater freedom of choice and strategy as to what to do: in your genes or while organelles?

But you’re probably asking: why am I talking about genes straight away if I did not explain what its uses are?
On the next topic I will expand.

Horizontal transfer, Custom organelles and “Genetic junk”
I here want to talk more about fantasy empowerment than facts, but I’m stuck behind a number of things.

First of all - have you always felt that you want something that was unique and poor about your cell especially those that are similar to all the organelles you have seen in the game so far? So why not build your own special organ that is capable of doing the job you want a dreamer to do!
What is a custom organ? An organ that does what you are commanded to do, evolutionarily.
This is not an organelle designed to completely replace existing organelles, on the contrary: he needs them to create one!
Here are the genes I talked about earlier: if you had an organelle before, for example you have Metabolosome and Rusticyanin in your cell, then you have their genes, the information that explains how to build them, and you want to create a new organ that can do both, so let’s say for Save space or strengthen the role of Rusticyanin, so why not combine genes and create a new organelle?
You can make up a name for him and he was on his own special tag, rising at the price that the unified information goes up and you put it in your cell and congratulations! You have a cell that is able to use iron more efficiently than the Rusticyanin you used before.
But does not it feel that it is too strong? It’s really strong, but for that it also costs a lot more than you think: you first have to duplicate the genes of each of them before you create a new pattern, put them together and then you create the new organelle. It’s genetically more expensive than ready made and maybe it’s more worth using MP for better things like more speed or more energy that can just be given up and enjoyed. This idea does not stop you from playing as it is now, but whoever wants otherwise or wants to challenge himself to develop an organ that is better than those that exist, feel free to do this, but it comes at the expense of something else.
But those who want to enjoy the free creation of custom organelles but the price is too great for them, then they can go in a different and very familiar direction for bacteria with us: horizontal transfer!
Horizontal transmission is a way that apart from sexual reproduction, allows genes to be transferred from one bacterium to another, and even from distant species, to transfer genes to each other and save evolutionary steps for a particular gene.
To do this, you may want to upgrade your Predatory Pillus to Sex Pillus. A special type of pill whose function is simple: to transmit genetic information to each other. Here you may be able to obtain genetic information that you do not have and use it to create a new template for perhaps a new custom organelle, for which you have no genes!
You can use it on cells in the same man, or on other bacteria far away from you and steal genetic information from them.
Maybe gene theft could help you develop new organelles at a lower cost or progress to membrane organelles without paying for MP outside the template or even get genes that help you be more radiation resistant for example without paying MP, the options are endless!
But to balance that, there has to be something that will stop you from stealing genes without stopping.
Get to know Genetic Junk: You will not always be able to obtain complete information, it can spoil in the process of becoming useless, taking up space in your gene pool and may even harm you.
To get rid of them you have to pay in MP, or just create more genetic space or use it to create new organelles, but of poorer quality. But who knows, there may be genetic manure that could contain a surprise that could help you in the future.
It’s like Russian roulette in this case.
These things can turn the already interesting game into something even more interesting and may even give the player a goal that did not exist before:
“I want to create an evolutionarily developed cell to consume only metals for living and it also produces enough energy to create a multicellular creature! It has always been my dream.”

But the big downside, but the biggest one mostly for custom organists is that it’s a programming nightmare and balances everything, so I do not expect it to happen soon if at all, but I want to give purpose and reason to horizontal transfer.
But genes can play another significant and interesting role:

Viruses, mistakes and Genetic diseases
My basic idea for these genes is able to open to something that has also been talked about in the past, but here I am able to use one point of direction:
“Viruses inject your genes into the cell to replicate themselves in the cell’s.”
In reality: every day, 40% of the bacteria in the sea die from viruses every day, which means that every moment the cell is alive, it has 40% of its rounds just to die of a virus. It does not sound fun if this virus is too successful in the game, it will destroy it.
So I want to use the idea of ​​genes that I came up with on the subject earlier to do something else:
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
“8% of the human gene comes from viruses”
If by chance a virus comes into play and it starts to infect and you have some virus immunity, or not, there is a chance that part of the virus’ gene will enter your gene pool and not work, will remain with you as a garbage gene.
But unlike him, as a gift you managed to get his gene, maybe he will give something special and unusual, maybe for example there is a theory that mammalian placenta came as a result of a virus that managed to infect an egg cell and happened to have a gene that caused placenta formation.
So the same direction can work here too: it may give a huge advantage over others or it may not give anything and it stays with you forever …

Another option is more for the distant future of the game: genetic meltdown, genetic diseases and everything in between.
In a close marriage, there is a greater chance of transferring harmful genes, those created by mistake (something that should not worry the beginning of the game), and can for example affect how your game will be played: you are slower than everyone, you have less life or you die earlier. It is this fact that will prevent you from getting married as soon as you see someone in your group for example, but it is for the distant future.

Why am I raising this? One of the mechanisms in the cell to deal with genetic problems or genetic malfunctions is gene replication, which has more than one copy of genes: for example if you have heat resistance and you want to get to a warmer place maybe even a boiling place, you can try to replicate this gene and add another copy , Will make you more resistant against the same kind at the price of a place, opens up the possibility of such thinking: I want to get to an even warmer place, which has not much competition and also has a lot of resources, but I did not have or would have to give up certain genes. Develops a lot of strategies and also options that can be extended to them.

Genetically upgrading the organelles
Another way to use genes is surprisingly according to my idea: upgrading organelles or changing their function!

Aside from the idea of ​​previous topics about custom organelles, I would improve on using the same base to use genes to upgrade existing organelles: for example there was my old idea: Kinetofimbria, using movement as energy (feel free to read it in links I put earlier) as part of upgrading some organelles or as a template. You can use the Flagellum / Cillia gene and connect or replace some of their genes with the gene of maybe Metabolosome or Rusticyanin and upgrade it to this type of organelle.
Or alternatively: I had the problem that I want to replace the Metabolosome with the more advanced mitochondrion, so why not unify the genes of these 2 organelles instead of deleting them? Such options are in the imagination of programmers, if given time.

Summary of genes
In a summary of all the things about everything written for those who do not want to read the rush:

  1. Genes are a part of the game and are not meant to replace anything, these add depth to the game without affecting the way it is now played
  2. Genes are used as a database about the cell, and it can also serve as a limiting factor for growth but also short-term and achieve more long-term
  3. The idea of ​​genes is based on things that have been said in the past and builds on them and expands them.
  4. Genes can be used as a template for creating new things, like Emergence of a group of genes to create existing things, or new things
  5. Genes can be used as shortening and saving MP but at an interesting cost of space capture or long term damage
  6. Realize the idea of ​​horizontal transmission, viruses and genetic diseases
  7. To give additional meaning in my opinion on the cytoplasm
  8. Give my idea about the future of the game

Things are holding back from realization and personal opinion
If all my ideas were good or not good I do not care, because I want to present my vision about the game if I were to control it.
But there’s one thing I heard (especially from Oliveriver’s video), I remember one thing that makes these things very difficult, if they were accepted and start working on it right away (in my dreams) it’s one thing: “Impossible game”
Maybe my ideas are more difficult if not understand, do them. It’s a nightmare of programming, designing and balancing all things.
I here just want to write again that it is I want to try in the direction of something, not force myself to do it, and I just hope I am writing lines to what I have managed to some extent to do this.
After all, the game was built by the people who dreamed this, I want to be one of those dreamers.
I do not program or know of anything real to help them, but maybe with this idea I will be able to give a certain direction, who knows.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I wrote down, and I hope I was able to give someone an idea, if it is good at all, for something.
This is also my place to express admiration for building the game and hope that it will continue to evolve from what it is now and fulfill all its goals.
The idea is my genes and thank you for reading this rush. (It took me full time to write this and the illustration I am unable to draw, maybe in the future)


sheesh, someone had some free time

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thx u, it took me alot of time to think about that, at-list i show what i can maybe add to the game, i hope i can here more oppinan about my idea