Giving thrive an ESRB rating

At the moment, I think it would deserve an everyone or everyone 10+(for mild cellular violence and reproduction). As Thrive continues to develop, it may continue down the road of everyone or everyone 10+, but may also go down a far more violent but realistic path.

I personally assume that in the future, Thrive would be a T rated game, because of violence, and sexual reproduction(I’m not saying showing the process, just innuendo). Thrive’s concept makes it hard to have a 10+ rated game, because of the concept of being as realistic as possible.

I don’t want Thrive to go down the M rated route though.


Well if the system can handle it there should probably be realistic blood and gore from every creature, granted the blood color and consistency as well as internal organs will be wildly different than Earth standard.
But ultimately the type of game Thrive is aiming to be probably can’t afford to censor combat. Nature is after all brutal. And this is best exemplified by predation.

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Found this on the FAQ page.


Even if thrive gets a rating it’s not only blood, violence, reproduction you have to keep the complexity of the game in mind as well.

Complexity doesn’t matter in an ESRB rating.

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The game isn’t easy to understand especially for kids under the age of 12 so it kinda does matter.

Perhaps pegi is different then esrb i do not know but what i mean does actually matter.

what I meant was that esrb doesn’t take complexity into consideration.


I’ve checked and it doesn’t seem to matter, which is weird.

But if that is the case then i feel like the PEGI rating should be 12+ and ESRB rating should be teens (13+)

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