Hello, guys

Hi, guys. I discovered this project some months ago and just now I decided to get in the forums.


Heyo! welcome aboard the forums!


Welcome to the Commoonity Fowums!

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Welcome aboard @DeepSix! I hope you enjoy the community!


Welcome welcome! Here is a Thrive starter package for newcomers:

  1. Here is the FaQ - https://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/faq/
  2. Make sure to follow online courtesy, (do not reply to threads older than a few months without a good reason, make sure not to post multiple times at once, yadda yadda)
  3. We have a project called the Thrive Universe, made up of fictional aliens made by the community. Feel free to add your own! Thrive Universe Reboot Reboot
  4. We also have a discord! I am 99% certain that this is still the link - discord.gg/FZxDQ4H
  5. Enjoy our discussions and general antics! Most other threads have their own sets of rules, so make sure you read them too. If this feels like to much, don’t worry. Stick around and you’ll pick things up in no time.