Hi my name is Thegoldenboy2188 and i just joined

Hi my name is Thegoldenboy2188 and i just joined, anyone here heard of Spacebattles?


HI, welcome to the forume! i hope u enjoy!

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Hi. Welcome to the forums. Congrats on existing.

I uhh…just wanted to say the same thing as the people above me.

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Welcome to the forums!

are you talking about this forum?

hi hello welcome to the forums @thegoldenboy2188! i hope you have a nice time!

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welcome to the forums… yeah, we’ll keep saying this… and please check this topic if you haven’t.

Yep. I’m a big poster on that, even got my own fanfiction I’m writing. though I’m currently banned ill be back tomorrow afternoon

Welcome to exist, it was something difficult for me to achieve (I was sent to brazil)

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