How to make metallurgy as water creature


this obviously requires for this to have legs and arms if it wants to stand so lets say its an ocean world crustacean that breathes water

Water civ Stan’s strongest argument

why the hell not you fish metallurgy denier

Metal required for reverse scuba diving gear, but you don’t have metal yet

just use a wooden bucket thing and strap it to ur gills

Where is wood ur underwater

underwater trees you dumb

just make a basket with some branches of the smol plants

first of all
this didnt need its own thread
second of all, underwater civ talk is banned
and third of all
please dont double post

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bruh why cant i talk about it

because somehow, underwater civs always start fights and arguing

@Hyainlina see? this is concrete evidence that underwater civs are possible, now unban the official thread!
you have to!

@hyenateef (I pinged the actual user)

no, it’s @Hyuaiiaonlian, not @hyenateef

Then why isn’t @hulalala an actual user? @hyenateef is that must mean jts them!

it’s @huiainloinaln10101010101101010101010101110101000100101010101001010101100010001jdin, not @hyenateef

For why the talk is banned see:

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