Joke competition

everyone post their jokes and it will end at the 22.
sorry if something like this exists.

Something like this does not exist, so I think you are the first

However I’m not a jokester and I’m not funny so I’m not competing :cry:

what types of jokes are allowed and not allowed?

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I think a bit of dark humor is allowed but we have to keep it PG I think

why does mike like freddy fazbear?
because he has a ‘mike’-rophone!

who is purple, has killed people, and became a meme?
no, not purple guy dummy, it’s the man behind the slaughter

now these jokes are bad, I doubt they’ll make me win the competition lol
i got no good jokes
oh wait i got one!
my life


same situation here mate


what happens when an electron evolves?
it becomes a black pumpkin

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it took me a minute but i got that one!
kinda an inside joke.

Thrive community forums logic: electronn= pumpkin


what does a backwards hippo do?
it “eats” “anthills”

i know what you meant there

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(why does it keep saying “body unclear”)

i dont know why… could be something in discourse

i don’t get that joke either!

its an inside joke from teaking in his discord server

no it was my joke.
(post filler)

it was ??? i didnt know bout that then

imma link you a masterpiece of a video:

truly a masterpiece in the modern times

call me kevin.