Joke competition

ah yes i remember that guy, he was one of my favorite gamers on youtube

oh you know call me kevin?

yes i watch him a lot i like his video style

okay, sounds like a plan

we should delete all our posts in this particular conversation.

now let’s stop talking about our secret project

and @MechanicalPumpkin can you delete your post about our project.

and let’s talk about jokes!

what do you get when you mix a tea and a king? you get a teaking! (terrible joke)

cue awkward canned laughter.

what happens when you let a pumpkin get into the area?
it starts making saucers and flies around the galaxy.

what happens when you watch geostorm.
more like BORE RAGNOROK!

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what happens when you watch Jurassic park 5.
more like BORE RAGNOROK!

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what happens when a banana keeps using a call me Kevin joke?
more like BORE RAGNOR0K!
okay i’ll stop using that joke… more like BORE RAGNOROK!

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how could i post four in a row?

no more pointless posts!

imma report this zen

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no imma put da blame on you before you do me and then it will seem like you are lying!

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that wont work, the mods can see deleted posts

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oh yeah, then how come this one is completely invisible to everyone but you huh!?
no one react to this post other then @TeaKing!

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Jeez five posts in a row?! You know you can just edit your posts right?

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i actually thought that it was impossible to post five in a row.