Make a story from emojis

Here’s a funny non “forum game” game for you to enjoy

Someone (in this case, me) will post a random six digit long sequence of emojis, in the comments, a person will translate the sequence into a small piece of text (which should, at maximum, have two lines), said person will also make another random six digit long sequence of emojis for another person to translate to another piece of text, the cycle repeats, this is gist of the whole game (just make sure that the texts are related to someway)

Here’s the sequence: :bowling: :football: :briefcase: :oncoming_police_car: :stop_button: :construction:

(Also, if you want to make commentary about the story, put your commentary in paratenses)

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Bowling with a football and a suitcase in front of a restricted zone (That didn’t make much sense)

Anyways, someone make a better story: :crab::tada::sleeping_bed::tornado::fried_egg::rocket:

(I feel like this going to be locked very soon but anyways)

Crabs have a slumber party but then a egg tornado comes and they now need to go to space

:earth_africa: :falafel: :maple_leaf: :de: :thrive: :smile:


Ah screw it. Too risky. I was planning to copy and pase all emojis and post them here. However, when I did this in shoutbox, it would make our browser crash if opening shoutbox (except for hhyyrylainen).

on earth while a canadian and a german were eating meatball thrive was completed and everyone was happy (what did I just write)

:rooster: :globe_with_meridians: :family_man_man_girl_boy: :bread: :kaaba: :outbox_tray:

In a world where chickens control the internet, one family with a limited supply of food must control the black box in order to upload themselves and free the internet from the fowl grasp

:dog2: :hotdog: :cat: :bone: :airplane: :jeans:

When a dog’s hotdog is eaten by a cat, the cat dies and is shipped in a plane towards a man in blue pants.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :hamburger: :clock430: :sailboat: :baby: :icecream:

Man is angry that his hamburger is taking too long so he went to a island full of babies so that he could use them as ingredient for ice cream

:mailbox_closed: :up: 🙎 :vhs: :musical_note: :wine_glass:


Man receives a letter saying his wife is coming home, so turns on some songs and took out the wine

:chipmunk: :snake: :clapper: :underage: :dollar: :gun:

A squirrel is reproducing with a snake in an expensive adult film featuring guns.

:clapper: :underage: :anger: :kiss: :sweat_drops: :zzz:


A movie where 18 year old’s are banned from going to the middle of 2 islands as it holds the mystical water that allows them to sleep, so they won’t dream and become rebellious.


Red = :clapper:
Green = :underage:
Blue = :anger:
Yellow = :kiss:
Orange = :sweat_drops:
Purple = :zzz:

:monkey_face: :gorilla: :ice_cream: :comet: :hammer_and_wrench: :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

monkeys and gorillas lived in harmony, until they accidentally summoned a meteor by creating the best ice cream combination. luckily, survivors created a time machine to alter the course of history.

:imp: :pinching_hand: :brain: :man_dancing: :pizza: :european_castle:
this one will be impossible.

the devil was dumb and waved at a pizza before going to a castle.
:space_invader: :alien: :ghost: :bomb: :santa: :otter:

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Cheater! You mistranslated two of my emojis! A kiss = 2 islands!? Anger = middle!?

And what makes you think it’s water, huh?

It’s blue, water is usually blue

Is it really cheating? also if you don’t consider it water then i think i can consider my interpretation of anger(4 arrows coming together), and kiss (2 red blobs) valid : )

Aliens from space invader attack ghost bombs from santa to rescue a otter from enslavement

:point_right: :wave: :brain: :eye: :man_teacher: :helicopter:

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Can’t explain my joke really. It’d be against forum rules anyway lol

Yeah i got your joke but i wanted to try and subvert it anyways, its not really that hidden of joke anyways


somebody points at a waving guy, a brain looks at a teacher and decides to escape by helicopter.
:evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :palm_tree: :maple_leaf: :herb: :blossom:

A Documentary about 3 trees trying to enter Canada to make peace with the daisy’s
:hamster: :compass: :computer: :arrow_up: :belgium: :f: