Music Suggestion Thread

(I like so much this music… especially the 1:09, when it looks like the FBE’s intro)

(I chose the Samsung’s soundtrack because I really enjoy it)

(This is nostalgia for me)

This group has lots of industrial music with authoritarian aesthetics (except for their most recent album). These are their most defining tracks.

I like this theme due to the Industrial sound it has to it and plus Star control music was already cool adding a remix to it makes it better

Holy hell I have fallen in love with chillwave


Here’s a game in the music: list all the different cultural music styles in here.



I swear, this movie better have Jet Jaguar

The game Hollow knight truly has a great OST

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My official theme song:


Death to America
And butter sauce
Don’t boil me
I’m still alive


Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster


I think we all know in our hearts that nothing will ever measure up to Oliveriver’s own music. :yum:

Anyway, the final minute of β€˜Winds of Cyrene’ from AC: Origins surprisingly feels perfect for something like Spore or Thrive. So much so that felt like a travesty that it wasn’t actually in Spore. (I doubt that using it in Thrive would fall under fair use, but there is always modding.)

The first track in this is a tribal-themed song that would be excellent in an early society stage editor. The others sound good as well.

And we need something for religious wars, don’t we?

Oh yeah? Try this on for size:


I detect another sabaton fan

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My music playlist has finally reached 100 videos, check it out if you like :slight_smile:

Simply a stunning piece of music:


I love the Prince of Egypt, with all my heart.

Makes we want to send a pestilence into something.

gets that awkward feeling when you watched that movie along with other people on a forum centered on a game about evolution

(De Lorra β€” Dissonance… What’s the difference between lo-fi and synthwave?)

(That’s an old soundtrack from an extinct news program)