My world building project

here my text doc i made:

(btw you can also add your species and i will add them with a fan art ok)

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Hehe pis.

Note: @zenzonegaming is referencing to a word used in the document. Some posts got deleted in this thread because they refused to explain why they made a very spammy looking post and refused to explain it further.

Looks good for a starting point. You’d probably get more interest if you gave the relevant details here on the forums, though. And I would suggest changing the name of Pis, due to sounding like urine. Even changing the spelling to ‘Piz’ would help - that makes me think of pizza, which is almost universally liked.

changed the name of the habitable planet to “caliles”

Hehe caliles.

Species: Kedioae Harponuz
Nickname: The Kedian Harpooner
Habitat: Invaded earth in a alternate timeline, sent by the alien race of yulkians, of which domesticated the Kedian Harpooner

Appearance: A light blue 4 legged creature with a circular mouth and 6 eyes, 3 on each side. Skin texture is rough in most areas, leathery at softest in underbelly.

Diet: Meat, including human meat, high metabolism, so it must consume 4 human-sized victims a day, or equivalent.

Biology: Contains an alien organ, similiar to a gland, that produces calcium carbonate pellets, produced from the bones of the victims it eats. These pellets are for typically self-defense purposes however, and the real hunting weapon is a hard hollow tube contained in a vast hollow space diverging from the Kedian Harpooner’s esophagus, and when needed will be carried by thousands of tiny arms in the throat, and flap out of the mouth, holding a suction on its target, now available to inject acid, poison, and enzymes at the creature or owner’s will through the tube which is shot out attached to a cord like a harpoon, giving this creature its name. The creature can then feed by sucking the food into its mouth and chewing it, but if too hard can try a nutrient suck. Kedian Harpooners also use their tubes to mate, using ways that are probably obvious and should not be described in too much detail to abide with this forums rules.

Behavior: Most of these behaviors can be controlled at will by it’s biological owner(in this case the yulkians)
Harpoon- literally does what it does described up in the Biology section

Arm dig- Its arms and legs all have cords, and they dig into the being, potentially making a hole or wound making it easier for the main harpoon to slice in and inject loads of acid

Full overdrive dig- The organ that holds all the cords of the harpoons goes into overdrive, resulting in stronger harpoon digs, and there is sufficient energy, and acid and poison flow to the limbs, which now can inject a small amount of acid and poison, although not as much as the main harpoon.

Nutrient suck- The cord organ sends nerve signals causing the main harpoon to suck nutrients, often from blood or liquified parts(liquified usually by acid and enzymes).

Hard hit- Calcium carbonate pellets are sent and shot through the harpoon tube at a whopping speed of 500mph, causing a wound, and when shot, the tube lid almost instantly closes with a hard layer of a bone-like material, preventing a backfire.

Communal firing- Often initiated by yukilian owners, calcium carbonate pellets are shot out in virtual uniform.

Communal suck- Kedian Harpooners team up on a big or tough creature, and attack at once.

Communal exchange- Kedian Harpooners shoot nutrients through the tubes to each other to use, for the greater good and survival of the species.

I got this from an old thread called “new species every week”. Please add my creation or produce a microbial ancestor if neccessary.

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I tried to make Aurora System on Spaceengine.

Its kinda mid now, because there is no moons or many minor details now (and i have to fix Horizon size too)


Ooh, nasty. :smiling_imp: Though it seems a bit far-fetched having the pellets and harpoon shoot out of the same hole (which is also used for feeding and breathing, presumably). That would be some complex pipework.

Hehe Hehe calilies.

The pellets are primarily to stun prey, and also to combat enemy troops from a distance. When closer or if the enemy is weakened, the Kedian Harpooner will sprint forth and begin stabbing with its harpoon, usually consuming its enemy alive in the process.

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ty, YONK! on my doc!

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I’m happy to help! If at any time you put information about the moons I will add it :slight_smile:

What I meant is that it seems unlikely a creature would evolve all that. If they are genetically engineered, that’s a different story…

added letasuz (minor moon), and farent (major moon) on Caliles’ orbit.

They are genetically engineered and evolved to near-perfection in a 'hyper-evolutionary bakery" that the aliens invented by exposing the species to constant danger.

so you’re gonna need sapients to have at least visited the planet first

also, what will these animals eat? Microorganisms?