🔬 New New Microbe Cutscene [WIP]

WHERES THE GNOME I GNDIDN’T FIND IT. Though seriously, where is the gnome

The gnome is on the point (there is a number in a gray ball).
I prefer rickroll

Dang it Quantum, stealing my rick roll ideas i see?

Quantum you got me real good i thought i was looking at a picture from space! its much better! keep it up!

@QuantumCrab, have you any progress in that?

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I’m afraid not. I have recently been on holidays, and as such have been unable to make any actual progress. Until I get that elusive PC that I keep trying to get but at this rate never will, the cutscene will probably remain shelved.

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Ah, good! Another three months reply! It is good to see one again that responds to @QuantumCrab! “Guess Who?”, does it remind you something @QuantumCrab?

Good post!


EDIT : It seems that nobody has really understood what I said.

Ya think? Also can you not post garbage in my cut scene thread


Yes, sorry for that low quality post of mine. But is that true? No more cutscene?

Read QuantumCrab’s reply to Gotor.

I was trying to go back to the subject, but since QuantumCrab can’t continue for now, I can’t really do anything here… Anyway, I’ll hover my mouse over another thread to see what’s up.

I know im definitely late but what about zooms into planet, dives into water, show proteins colliding while bubble envelopes them, show the prokaryotic cell that you start with, then it begins the game.


We’re wanting to avoid revealing the overall appearance of the planet until the player sees it themself. A smooth transition into gameplay sounds pretty cool though


Why does it look like a movie intro…

It has to look cinematic if we want to add realism. Maybe it doesn’t HAVE TO but it must contain some aspects that make it feel real and a more scientific game.

Progress has been slow, but I have managed to create a new underwater scene. Intended to be more photo realistic than in the previous cutscene, it worked out pretty well (considering I made it on my apple potato)!

Also, from here on out, I am ditching the number system for updates. They are mostly useless.
In my next version I’ll try and add smoke for a better looking picture


(Camera zooms in and you see a creature smelting the meltal.)


That looks good! An easy way to avoid revealing the planet is to zoom in on its night side. With a splash the camera enters the primordial ocean, and moments later a small flicker appears in darkness. What is it? It’s that cool-looking hydrothermal vent you made!


I remember using this for my fanmade intro haha. Definetly looks nice, though.

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I know I’m 20 days late, but late than not coming at all:P Anyway, I just want to say that this indeed looks amazing, hats off! Either way, wouldn’t it be cool if you add the Thrive logo near the hydrothermal vent, like, uh, I really don’t know how to say it in English - art in the rocks or something like this XD (That’s just a small idea of mine, but I think it would be pretty cool to add it)