Olympus Infernal

just so you know, heat dispersal is gonna be a lot more useful than UV resistance with an atmosphere this thick

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Okay, I’ll change it then

M: Size increase.
A: Don’t split (for more size).

M: Size decrease (I want it to be an endosymbiont for Solis).
A: Absorb soul shards.

M: improve energy “create”

A: improve environ around habit

Energy generation is improved by pretty much anything that converts any form of energy not directly usable by you into usable energy (for example: ATP)

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if that soo.
i will go on improve efficiency of the fission\fusion organic

You just need to activate the perk organelles to get a lot of energy from that

dont i have it alreay or i need to do something like active its as a mutant?

you need to activate the perk by using a mutation to get the organelles, the perk is what allows them to be evolved

i see
if possible, i think i will activate that perk by evolving the fission\fusion organal for the first time (if only one of them, so will be the fission first)

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Mutation: one of my vesicles become highly elastic, stretching to encase the thermosynthase ring, while also forming a set of “spikes” that push against the cell membrane, thus creating a radiator like structure; this allows me to make a cell’s temperature gradient more pronounced, bolstering thermosynthesis (in the future, it should also help me survive the high temperatures generated by nuclear fission)

Action: continue heading to colder cave regions

Mutation uno: condense RNA in a vescuile (I think that is how its called, and if it’s confusing this is meant to go to DNA for nuclues)

action: absorb soul shard

I think you combined vacuole and vesicle there

something has become increasingly obvious… I can deny it no longer… I am small.

Mutation: increase size

Action eins: eat

Action zwei: also eat idk what else to do

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willow, how much larger do you need to be than other species in order to enter endosymbiosis with it?

depends on your endocytosis/phagocytosis % stat, which defines what % of your volume (without the target endosymbiont) something needs to take up less than to be engulfed. speaking of which, i should probably change the {diameter} stat(originally{size} stat) to be a {volume} stat, which would require finding a way to sphere everyone’s species based on diameter alone

Mutation 1: simplify endosymbiotic ascendentes solis
mutation 2: cell junction proteins(allow cells to hold onto eachother and have a channel of cytoplasm connecting them, but close unless the chemoreceptors detect a specific combination of amino acids to prevent resource loss)

action 1: absorb soul shard
action 2: encourage a part of my population to split off from my species

Yeah maybe, either way I hope my explanation of whatever I am trying to do gets acrossed.

RNA vacuole, right?

@TwilightWings21, i need your mutations and actions. you have 3 single use ones for each and 1 normal one for each.


Aight, just give me a bit to remember how this game works

Edit: Are there any specific prerequisites to multicellularity?

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