Olympus Infernal

Not only that - the game is set to last for over 150 rounds, which at the current round rate will take 3 years to finish, so we as players will have to deal with that too…

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 3 years can’t wait

2, and thee cap is 5, after that you just get more complexity allowed within them

it might last more or it might last less, 150 rounds is how long the planet is set to be habitable, the game will last until everything goes extinct, which if even one organism that doesn’t need a partner to reproduce survives every extinction event might never happen, in which case this game will only end if i die, though if i do i want the role of GM and all my PMs for the game passed to someone else so it might just never end.

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…So this is a FG for the rest of your life?
Also what do you need for a nucleus?

yeah, which means, assuming average lifespan of an american, 61 years, but if i find a way to become close to functionally immortal[1], either as long as thrive has a forum or group messaging apps exist, or as long as the universe can sustain life

technically an RNA/DNA vacuole is a nucleus but i’m assuming you mean the type that has an endoplasmic reticulum, a nucleolus, nuclear pores, and the like so for that you need a membrane that has proteins in it that let it hold a shape, to put your ribosomes in the membrane, and the machinery to replicate your RNA several times in a reproductive cycle or transcriptase if you use DNA

  1. probably gonna need whatever hydras do to become a hydra again after going through a blender for that ↩︎

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Wait, then from where did you get all this info on cell biology, function and evolution?

I’m changing my mutation from DNA into “RNA Vacuole”.

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late-night biology rabbitholes that caused sleep deprivation because of taking 5 hours for me to sate my curiosity

BTW, what is needed for sexual reproduction? Seems kind of OP

the ability to fuse cells, disintegrate their nuclear membranes, separate your genome into chromosomes, and match chromosomes to eachother. though if everyone gets it i’m probably gonna lower the in-game time between rounds and remove the two MP. though there are playstyles you’d need it to have even 1 MP with, like being an indestructible tree that falls after 1000 years and only reproduces after it does by putting all its energy into making seeds and yeeting them and then dying

How much MP can you get at max from RNA vacuoles? SR had a MP cap of 5 MPs, so what is the one for this feature?

soft limit for those is 2 and hard limit is 3

you still have 1 unused AP

ok, I’ll add a second action

Since you’re assuming that this game will last until you die if someone evolved to survive in the harsh Venus climate, It could get many threads. Are you even sure that this is your “final” FG, or will you host others?

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it’s definitely not the last one i’ll make but it is the first one i’ve liked enough to actually make any formulas for getting numbers for it

due to real life things there will be a delay on the production of the next round

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Mutation: predatory pilus
Action eat anything that I can eat

Twilight hasn’t visited the forum for 20 days now…

@doomlightning i need your mutations and action

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There are a lot of things on my mind right now.

Here are all my votes:
M: DNA Info storage

A: Utilizing the biofilm environment to create more like me

dang, talk about unlucky timing, there had been no activity in the thread for half a week, and a new message appears 2 minutes after I go to sleep after some late-night forum game preparations