One-sentence story building

They also really liked tea and biscuits, being British and all

They also made the biggest empire in all of existence, being British and all.

But they couldn’t find the original reality because Kirby and Loki had joined their solar system with the normal one, the only two solar systems left after the teeth monsters original raid, and then created an illusory shield so that this realm just seemed like an empty, void realm

As such, they ignored it.

A bustling metropolis formed inside this dome, preparing for the possibility of war but not relishing it or having their lives revolve around it, until one day, a portal opened in their central city to a world of floating islands.


Yea, it was a portal to Pandora without Horizon - P.H. Second Season

But the islands were all barren of either life or resources, in their stead, there was a giant swarm of hostile creatures, they defied logic and reason, and they seemed to never end.

It was the Doombringers

In the heat of battle, a titanic oval appeared in the sky, it started destroying everything without discrimination, using beams of an unspecified power.

It then disappeared again, but it had assisted the newcomers, destroying some of the waves of doombringers, but there were still some left, and while they were fighting them one explorer found a group of small, green men, whispering about a wimpy shadow god in a cliffside cave, and then they nearly got eaten by doombringers, but when the explorer saved them they wheeled around and started yelling about zealotry and trying to convert him to aforementioned wimpy shadow god, so he kicked them back down the cliff and to the doombringers, and they were unable to do anything because they were even wimpier than their shadow god

yes that is a horrifically long run-on sentence but it is worth it for it displays the truth about bananarama and nihilator, and it lets me make fun of zenzone

(So is this game done now?)

A new portal appears, its a warp gate to solo leveling.

Because of the doombringers they went there instead, though none of them had any idea what solo leveling was

But the universe was copyright striked, so they all had to go outside of solo leveling and close the portal.

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They went back to their universe to find that a rouge, peaceful British Tooth Monster (that hadn’t fused with the amalgations) had become president

rip said overpowered mc, as the british eat pizza

So a lot of cheese and pepperoni was made before the British Teeth Monster said they were lactose intolerant

A corrupt amogus has poisoned the president with Uranium sulfide.

Too bad he was a British tooth monster and ate Uranium instead of biscuits with his tea

Due to this fact, his body felt funny.

So he became a nuclear tooth monster, and then warped to another unknown reality right before he exploded

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cookie clicker starts IRL as many look at the giant cookie in the sky