pretty much a thread for sharing your worst fears, i’ll start!
i have extreme acrophobia! (fear of heights), its so bad that i get nervous on 2nd floor balconies!
it’s made it almost impossible to get on planes!

Previously on Phasmophobia

(fear of ghosts, also the name of a co-op horror video game)

There is also trypophobia, which is the fear of patterns containing clusters of small holes. It is actually PewDiePie’s worst phobia.

im afraid of getting hacked but apparently thats not a phobia
apparently theres a phobia of feces/deffication.

Scatophobia, perhaps?

I have Atychiphobia, fear of failing.

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I have Hemophobia (minimal), fear of blood and Cynophobia, fear of dogs.
but i mange to control them to minimal

Gynophobia is the fear of women.

Scotophobia or lygophobia is the fear of darkness. The scoto prefix stands for “darkness” while the lygo prefix means “twilight”.

My grandma had Lepidoterophobia, a fear of butterflies and moths, although she is mostly scared of butterflies.

It’s strange cause she was perfectly fine around stuff like bees and wasps.