Planet Generator

You might have seen on the most recent progress update that we have a Planet Generator Prototype. Here it is! It’s an html file, which is what your browser can run. So once you download it, opening it should open up a new tab in your browser. It takes a second to load. The top left panel shows the world in a flat plane, the bottom left panel shows it divided into patches(it is still very basic). The bottom right panel shows it as a globe which can actually be moved around! The top right panel shows some data you can change and customize. If you change a value, it lags for a second to update, so instead of dragging bars, just click where you want it to go. I’m open to feedback. Play around and hope you all enjoy!



Wow, I can make a planet be a literal HELL! (Except the water is still there, I can’t make mass destruction… maybe later)
Also, the planet’s poles are like this:

Right click on the planet to go inside it.




Now worlds are hexagons instead of cells


Interesting. As noted, the poles are screwy. I would like the north and south poles to be clearly marked so I can easily reorient the globe. At the moment I can’t tell which is which. I don’t understand what the “levels” value does. I suppose this is fine, as prototypes go. It is no Songs of the Eons, and I’m uncertain how this prototype can be developed into something which can be integrated into Thrive.


Well, keep in mind this is a prototype. Prototypes are basically something that is made to test with and represent an idea that is still in the works, to both see how well it really works, and help determine what needs to be better. Prototypes are generally going to be bare bones, and often time not fully polished as people often dont want to pour too much effort into something they might not ever use to begin with.

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In differential geometry, there’s certain surfaces like a sphere where there’s no consistent way to map it to a single plane, but all manifolds can be mapped to a patchwork of planes. Try generating a northern hemisphere map centered on the pole, and then generating a southern hemisphere map that matches the northern hemisphere along the equator.

I’m pretty sure there’s algorithms for generating terrain on a sphere directly, too, to avoid any distortion.

Seed ‘1’ or ‘0’ gives the base world, right?

Suggestions & Bugs

  • There should be units to measure the change of an aspect (e.g. temperature).
  • There’s always a lag when changing a feature, except for ‘Planet Detail’.
  • The lowest planet detail is not realistic enough. It should stop when the planet looks like a 12-faced sphere.

This doesn’t seem to work on mobile for some reason…
It doesn’t show the planet itself
Other than that though, it’s a solid prototype.

For me the sphere doesn’t update. I’m gonna use this for make a TU planet

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You are making a thing for the TU?

Yes, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it.

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