Put your scientific misconceptions you had in childhood here

The title says it all.

When I was little,I thought the Earth was the center of the universe, I must have read a book and confused myself.

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I used to think that woman became pregnant by a kiss.


Umbrella academy proves it
(joke post)

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When I was very young I thought that Baltic looked something like this:

Thought chewing gum took 7 years to digest. Dont know where i heard it from but i do remember how i found out it was false.



I thought the map of Brazil looked like this:

I used to think a long time ago that Flag of Germany was Red-White and Poland invaded it

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Wait did you think polands flag was also red white or that it was the actual german flag? So that germany would have polands and poland had germanys

no, poland had polish flag. If I remember correctly, it was in some movie, with map that had this fake german flag and polish flag, and it was said that poland invaded “germany”, and then there was was footage of a tank breaking a wall and entering berlin

wth! do you remember what it was called? the movie.

also 2 germanic states with the same flag as poland
Hessen HG flag.svg25x17 Hesse-Homburg (Hessen-Homburg) – from 1817
Flag of the Free City of Lübeck.svg25x16 Lübeck

no (post filerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

I also remember that i used to think that poland is located in southern sweden because area where irl poland is has scorpions

wait what? poland has scorpions? and how did that lead you to believe that they were in southern sweden?

edit: huh didnt know this:They can be met almost everywhere in Poland - from the Baltic coast to the peaks of the Tatra Mountains! The species from the genus Philonthus are one ofthe easiest to observe. The representatives of the genus Stenus and Paederus hide on the wet banks of rivers and reservoirs.

thank god: Scorpion findings have also been reported from Germany, Holland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, but no data indicate that these countries host permanent populations (as England does). These scorpions have probably been accidental stowaways.06.07.2018

One of my missconceptions was, that i thought there werent skorpions in europe. or atleast central, and northern europe.

Also i used to think that there were no natural disasters in germany, nor any dangerous animals like snakes.

I learnt that i was wrong ofc but i thought europe was the safe haven of the world when i was a little kid. I thought nothing dangerous was in europe and that nothing bad could happen here.

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i made a super serum once out of squashed bananas

Oh and I also used to think that Ice age 1 didn’t exist and Ice age: Meltdown was the first ice age movie

What you used to believe is very funny for a couple of reasons:
Poland attacked Germany - Irl total opposite happened
Poland being in southern Sweden - The Deluge
Poland having scorpions - Poland does not have scorpions (or any other dangerous bugs really)

Of course it must be a lot weaker than my potion that I made while showering with water, soap, shampoo, spit, and a secret ingredient.

oh and i also remember that i thought that slovakia still had carpathian province of ukraine

even funnier because I’m Brazilian hahahaha! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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