Mutation: Greater Intelligence
Action: Try to establish a farm

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Minor Mutation: The scouters maintain a constant communication network between one another.

Mutation: TO dna rapidly breaks apart when removed from a living host, making study of it difficult.

Action: Hunt and feed.


inside the forest (or even the fortifications) or outside the forest, in some wild field? This information will be important for the action’s result.

Edit: @Evolution4Weak and @Computed we need your votes.

Mutate: Repair Voice
Action: Expand the hive towards the sky!


In the forest, nearby.

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Wasn’t the strategy supposed to be staying hidden?

I want to build an ant tower of babel

And just like Babel, we shall be struck down by God.

I have hear a voices about babel tower
I am here

Do you it to be a human lure?

why not make the tunnel of babel?

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So essentialy a shaft as deep as possible?

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ok guys here me out

a deep shaft AND a tall tower


The ultimate human trap