Remmortal chat ( Immortal Forum game) - official

what is the first doing

Well, I’m technically done with all but… one and a half.

Right now, only one was really lucky right now. More than anyone right now. We will know when the two will probably return

Who is setting us back?!

twin and zen

zen say he have an int paroble and i have made part done

tein have gone for almost a mouth

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(dragon) ball reference
frale reference
remmortal reference

Because we all know that dragonball is a show that narrates the story of my dragon balls.

I will not elaborate on the meaning of that.

I’m kind of starting to fear that twilight has deathwake’d. There wasn’t a time before when they haven’t showed up on the forum for this long.

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Am I the really lucky one?

Yes, u litterly got 4, 5 and 5

The other not got aboth 4. Almost all got or 3 or 2

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hehe thats me!

Well, some werid new…
Very werid one…

Becuse some werid (good, bad and ugly): we wiatong to 2 players to come back…

Becuse of that, i got a wrid idea to do in the meantime.

Its going to be a competition to all, like the Torrminet on the Immortal, until the two will come back.

Everyone, even outside of the game can enter.
Its something i have cook for sometime, but its will werid one, not very connected to this game, but its will be cannon.

There also a price/reward to that.

The details will come in the upcoming days.
Its will be a great fun, i promest, if u liked the Zoomagnum.

We went into a small break! until all the players come back to us.
Therefore, you are invited to come here:


Does anyone want to pitch ideas for worlds in this thing I’m making?
Here is link: Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software
Everyone has commenters access.


Do you want to look at it?


You can put those inside of one another?

my html power…is rapidly increasing…

He is gaining too much power

I cannot zoom into the image, the text appears too blurry all the time.
Edit: I downloaded the file and opened it in base website

Wait, you can do that?
I was just using it like google docs or slides or sheets this whole time.