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Im at 3 health, from thirty. Lost 2 acts, each cost 1 fraction. Im fricked

why would you spend fractions on temporary actions

Do you know how you gain fracations of fractions yet or is that how we not know yet?

probably just find em. idk

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That a secret.
For now

step one of the secret is that to get them you cant be G.o.K.

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Bro we all can read the “Convert” option in the market that costs 50 billions

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if someone got 1.5 billion coins they could end the game ;-;

i no longer die when killed

1.5 isn’t even enough to get 1 fragment what are you talking about?

Willow when they realize the meaning of the game’s title:

i don’t mean i come back to life when killed, i split in two when killed

probably a limit on that.

also twilight could do that last game

i can test that : )

if there is a limit i can level it up anyway

Ight, HIDDEN SECRET. There is a word limit for actions and votes. Doom punish me for adding description ):

@doomlightning is yhis true?


eh im gonna brush this off as nothing

Im thinking of starting a crafting forum game.



Every cycle or 2 turns there is a new upgrade/enhancement choice to be had.

Fast paced crafting where recipies are saved. Gather resources as coins. 12 coins make a belgiumn, 12 belgiumns make a medallion.

Crafting is 3 log coin +1 grass coin = ?

3 crafting choices at the start.

Is this a valid Idea.

Also increasing monster waves every dusk round.

today i will not contiune the round if have

too busy

tommotow 100%

@zenzonegaming I hope that The One doesn’t use temporary acts or votes, he really shouldn’t use them to build up his forces early in the game.