Sagan 4: These people have been playing spore by hand for 17 years?

Obligatory yeah I know Thrive isn’t Spore etc etc but it’s in the spirit of what people hoped Spore would be, which brings us to the existence of a massive project that also spawned from the same hopes and ideals 17 years ago–Sagan 4.

Sagan 4 was founded in 2006 by 5 friends, Hydromancerx, Huggkruka, Oviraptor, Krakow Sam, and Yokto, as a way to play Spore before it came out. (If you’ve heard Hydromancerx’s name before, he was also involved in the Spore wiki and his art was shown off by Will Wright at E3, iirc). Over the years, more and more people joined, and the game simply never ended. It’s still going on to this day, and there’s over 5600 species recorded, all of them illustrated, all of which can be found on the wiki. This also makes it the largest project of its kind, and the oldest ongoing collaborative speculative evolution project.

I think it’s pretty neat, what do you guys think?


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I have indeed heard of Sagan 4! While I’m not very familiar with the project, I have researched it a little bit, and find the concept of such a community speculative evolution project quite interesting, and impressive that it continues to this day.


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Thank you for telling me of Sagan-4! I had never imagined that someone would take spore so seriously, everything is so realistic and plausible, some designs don’t even look like they came out of spore. By the way, i got kind of sad when I saw that all three sentient species went extinct. Poor nomads.

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I’ve heard about Sagan 4, I’m quite into spec evo myself, it’s my favorite genre of fiction, and can make some pretty realistic worlds if your good at it. there’s a ton of spec projects online.

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i think, i know what im gonna do this weekend now. (im gonna join that thing cause it looks hella cool)