Scary things thread

My list:
Disturbing images and websites iceberg explained
OCD(Really bad when you get urges to watch creepy videos and click and open tab multiple times, which traumatized me when I was littler with a creepy video involving gurgles and bugman image edits, and I could not really tell parents because they would be like “what the heck are you watching???”, but now semi-got-over-it)
Everywhere at the end of time
Being watched
Gurgles & Bugman
Monday morning
Sleep paralysis(one of the reasons I sleep on my belly and not back)
Sunday night
Not having a good future and not getting a good job
Being watched by someone through my bedroom window
Watching a creepy video and getting a scary image in a video, then getting really scared and having a hard time sleeping(Happened a lot when I was littler, and for some reason it happened after watching a bright side video. Mostly happens to me now after watching iceberg explained videos)
Sleeping, only to imagine jeff the killer in my room and opening my eyes to check
Creepy iceberg charts
Ben drowned
Some John zombie minecraft creepypasta
OCD related to the annoying website(google it up, I refuse to put it here because I do not want a direct link, and feel a urge forming now)

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the scariest, most terrifying, and most disgusting thing i have ever seen is called Coffee
just saying its name sends shivers down my spine


Carpeted Bathroom.

  • Holes appearing on me (trypophobia)
  • The fear of standing outside while the gravity reverses
  • The fear of swimming in a deep sea when the sea stops lifting me, and I don’t have diving gear
  • Earthquakes
  • A very large earthquake and I am not inside a helicopter
  • I became aware that I breathe, and I have to do it manually, and it doesn’t go away, and I am forced to stay awake or sleep in a breathing chamber
  • Having a heart attack when I am alone (noone to do chest compressions)
  • Dying in my sleep
  • Going to sleep and never waking up from a nightmare
  • An undiscovered meteor on a collision course with earth
  • A supervolcano making a worldwide pyroclastic flow
  • Humanity failing a great filter
  • The doomsday argument
  • A lot of countries having nukes
  • Not just goverments having nukes
  • The possibility that the aliens that make the simulation that we call reality decide to no longer do it
  • Last thursdayism
  • The possibility that I came into existance this morning, yesterday didn’t exist, and I will die when I go to sleep
  • The possibility that I am a boltzmann brain with a lifespan of 1 second, which also includes short term memories of a past that didn’t existed
  • Solipsism
  • A lack of afterlife
  • True vacuum decay
  • The aliens that received the arecibo message sending back a relativistic kill missile in a dark forest universe
  • Black hole weapons*
  • Humanity’s encounter with a type 3 civilisation
  • EA buying Thrive and completing it in 3 months, but 90% of the features are removed
  • All of the devs and non dev accouts leaving Thrive, I wander in the abandoned threads, until one day, the website is closed because noone payed for it, and there are no ads, and it is too late to start donating
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  • Going to the bathroom at 1 am but not being able to go back because you watched a video this morning about something scary and now you think that this thing is going to get you when you try to get back to bed and any little noise makes your heart skip a beat (True story)

  • Basilisk of Roko

  • The damn fog from minecraft alpha

  • What will humanity do after achieving world peace, colonizing the galaxy, meeting millions of alien civilizations and establishing a universal Utopia? Boredom?

  • How does it feel to not exist?

  • Being accidentally transported to an alternate reality where your parents weren’t born

  • any japanese urban legend


  • Backrooms (The kane pixels one, not the cringe “poppy playtime meet amonguss and freedy on backrooms 3am”

  • Being on high places without having a glass on you front protecting you

  • The moment when I ramdomly smell something that look like an anesthetic and it crosses my mind that everything since 2017 is just a hallucination during my surgery

  • To be truly immortal and end up floating in Universal Quinessence trillions of years from now for the rest of eternity (Or until I find a remnant of an iron core, that’s going to be fun considering this is the most epic thing in the far future)

  • The fact that one study said it’s possible that two out of every three alien civilizations could cease to exist because of environmental problems

  • That moment when I remember thinking Elon Musk was a really nice guy

  • The fact that several random Soviets prevented the world from turning into a nuclear fallout more than once

  • The day scientists thought they had discovered the “Deltamicron” variant and I thought that was going to be the end of humanity

  • The fact that it’s totally possible according to the laws of quantum physics for a 2 meter stone to materialize from the vacuum inside me exploding me

  • Brian eating amoeba

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The boring company didn’t solve traffic, but for going to mars, the world still needs him.

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No, not at all.

SpaceX is literally taking a lot subsides from NASA.

Let’s not start an offtopic debate here. But I can’t help myself to comment here that, if NASA doesn’t have a viable (within a similar budget and time range) alternative contractor, then they cannot replace SpaceX for that task.

Please developers do not let EA buy Thrive

you mean the backrooms level 0?
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Me: takes several minutes to remember what I ate or drank for lunch
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You don’t know how many depressions I went through when I was looking for this song…

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I am afraid of black holes, and literally only that.


I’m really afraid of sirens and alarms. specifically, nuclear sirens; those quarterly tests on (American) cable TV used to really get me. they just have such an ominous feeling!

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Amber alert used to scare me.
Based on your fears, something that would really scare you would probably be this: EATEOT hell sirens - YouTube

i am afraid of death because i do not know what happens afterwards and i am afraid that there will be absolutely nothing which means i would be permanently understimulated(too little stimulation of the senses) until my consciousness faded forever

I am afraid that I will go to hell if I forget to repent or go to purgatory. I do not worry about a void because it probably is not real and I will not be conscious anyways if that happens.