Scp foundation: the forum game

You create an SCP(doesn’t have to be like formal and stuff just give the basic idea of what it does), and someone else has to tell you how to contain or destroy it.

I will start:
A dangerous scp which causes all meaningful documentation about it to dissapear, which means nobody can write how to keep it locked up so other people can read it


Take it, stuff it in a titanium box, throw it in a rocket, shoot it in the general direction of the sun, forget about it.

A completely harmless SCP in the shape of a red ball roughly five meters in diameter. The SCP constantly circles the Earth roughly three hundred meters in the sky at speeds of 800 KPH, phasing through anything in its path.

Remember, if the Foundation can’t contain or destroy an anomaly, it will attempt to write it off as natural in some way.


Due to some experimentation with the Earth’s magnetic field while trying to perfect MagLev technology, they accidentally created a small anomaly in Earth’s magnetic field. This anomaly causes some minor warping of light, creating this red sphere that shifts positions as the magnetic field of earth shifts around.

A civilization from deep underground sends an envoy to the surface. The races of this envoy tend towards the larger side, with the majority hovering around the 15 foot mark, though there is some range (some are as short as 6 feet, while two sub-races are 40-50 feet tall). These races are very clearly not human, even discounting size. This civilization is innately much more powerful and numerous than humans, but is not as technologically advanced. How does the SCP foundation deal with this envoy? Keep in mind that a negative response could incur hostility.

(I counted the civilization as one SCP, and each subrace could be SCP-###a, b, etc)

(Yes I just inserted Ferloth-De lol)

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It was clear that a conventional war with this civilisation would not be winnable. Even though they appeared friendly right now, the foundation decided that the best course of action was to hide the existance of the envoy from the rest of the humanity. Some major potential risks listed in the Hadalpelagic report are as follows

  1. They could change their opinions on humans (example: they notice that we are weak and decide to attack)
  2. They could have been trying to deceive us in order to make us lower our guards
  3. They could indeed be wanting to establish a relationship where both sides benefited, but the actions of some factions of humans that aren’t controlled by the foundation (example: north korea demands tribute from the non humans) could jeapordise that peace
  4. A war might not happen, but the interaction could still negatively effect humanity (example: they might be carrying strong info hazards which may have been the thing keeping them primitive. Too much interaction with them could cause a surge in anarchoprimitivism and an end to human technological progress)

Due to these risks, a decision was made to nuke the enterence to the underworld, which became known as the Vela incident.

What happened to the underground civilisation isn’t known. It is thought that the majority of them survived the blast and still live in caves in earths crust, but they haven’t tried to contact humanity again. The SCP foundation tries to monitor the underground activities even to this day and look for signs of mobilisation in case they wanted to take revenge. The reason they were able to avoid detection could be because of a low metabolism and slow movement, as geothermal doesn’t provide as much energy as solar power, though it can’t be ruled out that they may have gained access to nuclear energy since the last encounter with humans. An invasion of the surface would require a higher amount of energy that they typicly consume, so it may take a few decades or centuries to store energy and make preperations.

A human (?) liver that constantly kills its host.

J.C. was a 27 year old man, presenting to the emergency room with internal bleeding. This wasn’t the first time he came to the hospital. You see, J.C. was a heavy drinker, and he had contracted cirrhosis. He had lost his parents when he was young, so he had no living relatives, but amazingly, a matching organ was found in another state. The liver was in perfect state, and it was transferred to J.C. with no complications.

Which brings us to today. J.C., despite the love for alcohol, would never drink in traffic. Witnesses described the event by saying that the car that hit J.C.'s car was speeding towards it as if it was making a kamikaze attack. With broken ribs and multiple teared organs, J.C. couldn’t survive. But his liver was in perfect condition, and he had previously agreed to donate his liver when he died. So the liver was transferred to a new patient.

The liver had only stayed in J.C. for 5 days. People became suspicious when its new owner also died 5 days after receiving the liver. The cause of death was an elevator failing on the 7th floor and crashing to the ground. He had also agreed to donate his liver.

The surgeon in the hospital decided to pay a visit to the third owner of the deadly liver on the morning of the 5th day after being discharged. His friends said he went to climb a mountain, but when the doctor went there, there was noone to be seen.

The police were called. Traces of blood led the investigators to the house of a vilager. The vilager first said he knew nothing about a mountain climber, but then agreed to explain what happened and showed where the body was buried. The rock the climber was grabbing had fallen to the ground and he had died. This location was also a place where drug smuggling ocurred. A few cartel members had arrived to the scene and conducted their own surgery. The villager hadn’t notified the authorities because a missing liver would raise suspicions, so he had simply chose to bury the body.

The new owner of the liver was in Mexico, with no way to trace it. Investigations showed that the liver had a long list of victims in the United States and Canada. It didn’t stayed in the same place for a long time. The analysis of the tissue samples from the liver was the intriging part, the samples taken at different times were different. It changed its dna into the dna of its next victim, even before its current owner died.

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Random Stuff

(If this was something where we continued the Ferloth-De story, let me tell you that the surface world would be absolutely screwed lol- )

(Actually that sounds kinda fun, some game where some players controlled ‘alien’ civilizations or groups
of monstrous organisms while another player/group of players plays out how they think humanity would react)

(Edit: this reply was brought to you by ‘Random Rants with (a sleep deprived) Twilight’.)

a single celled amoeba that can create the materials it needs to grow from nothing and withstand anything with no change in internal pressure and no amount of gravity can kill it, even gamma rays only speed up its growth and it is able to control what kind of fluid its cytoplasm is on a whim, allowing it to make itself virtually indestructible when hit or become thinner than water whenever it wants, and it has complete control over what elements, compounds, etc. enter it.

You forgot to explain how the migrating liver was dealt with, which is a part of the game (to detail how the SCP foundation would deal with the previous person’s SCP)

Might be partially my fault cus I posted a reply that didn’t continue the flow of the game, my apologies

oh, leaving it in the body and incinerating it and if that doesn’t work putting it in hotter and hotter flames and if THAT doesn’t work, feed it to 682. if that somehow doesn’t work put it in a D-class and buy a few cups of their liver from 294 until it gives an out of range error, disposing of the cups of liver with 682, and put the original liver back

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The liver doesn’t show signs of indestructibleness. The real problem would be finding it. It kills its host with bad luck, the cause of death is always external and unrelated to the internal organs and the health of the individual. It also leaves the area once the humans become start to associate the deaths with it. It doesn’t outright mindcontrol people, but the actions of people always suits its objectives, that is, killing people and avoiding detection. Checking the history of every liver in north america (if it stays there) that is about to go into a surgery would allow it to be captured, but how can a secret organisation do that? It needs to act more clever.

What damage does it cause the environment? Why does it need to be secured and contained?

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The SCP foundation doesn’t destroys SCPs it just contains them or at least hides them from the public.

Also your reasoning for the foundation nuking the entrance to the underground civilization is fallacious because they can just quarantine the zone and not have contact or quarantine the zone and have contact with them. The foundation isn’t tied to any government so only it would know of the existence of the underground civilization.

Because it’s an anomalous entity.

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And how are they gonna do that? Why not seal this enterence and also do a show of force so that they don’t return?

Not if the civilisation sends an army to invade the surface.

It may even go unnoticed, except by some amateur microbe watchers. Anyway, let me think.

It violates the conservation of mass, so some part of it is made from a substance that isn’t subjected to normal laws of physics. We aren’t told if it is leaked into the environment or it exists in a lab or something. It makes the “materials it needs to grow”, if it could create glucose and amino acids, it could just ignore its environment, exponentially multiply and have a greater biomass than the mass of earth in a short amount of time. Maybe the materials it can create are just elements and basic molecules, such as water and co2, and it still needs to get energy from its environment.

My suggestion is to starve it. Build a tent over the effected region and prevent it from getting sunlight. Paint the inner side of the tent with vantablack. If it can do chemosynthesis, sprey the region with hydrogen peroxide until all the iron, sulfur, etc. is reacted with oxygen. Once all the cells die or start hibernating, collect the remains, bring them to a lab and study them without waking them up. It might lead to scientific breakthroughs.

If it can indeed create glucose, I am afraid it can’t be stopped. First, cool the effected region with liquid nitrogen. Do this as fast as possible. After that, collect all the infected materials, bring them to a special refrigirator and cool them as close as possible to absolute zero. Use a refrigant with a high spesific heat if the cells create radioactive material to heat themselves. Even if they replace the water in their cytoplasm with liquid helium and somehow survive, molecules move slower in lower temperatures so their metabolism would be slowed, buying us time. Then, build a rocket and send it outside the solar system. It would eventually grow and become a blackhole, make sure the orbits of the planets in the solar system or the orbit of the sun around the milkyway aren’t badly effected.

You are right, containing them was a better idea then ignoring the situation. I wonder how they appeared in the first place. Portal from another universe?

I’m not gonna write a new scp. The liver question is not adressed.

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By using their soldiers. This wouldn’t be the first time the foundation estabilishes a quarantine zone.

Because not only is it unnecessary, it’s also going to attract attention and it’s going to make them instantly hostile.

The SCP Foundation is not neurotic, they don’t work on “There is a chance of X so bum bam baradam right now”, they would at most have a garrison of soldiers nearby.

If the foundation knows of it that means someone discovered it.

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this is what we know about them

I don’t think what twilight ment by “powerful” isn’t “you can kill them with one bullet”, they may be carrying swords but they would have armour, or maybe an exoskeleton. Also they have a population higher than 8 billion, so much for a garrison of soldiers. Our only advantage is technology, that is, nukes.

Well, the aztecs should have been neurotic when they met the spanish. And as I said, they may already be secretly hostile. Play it safe, nuke the area, nobody knows a thing, at least on the human side, no scp soldiers have suspicious funerals.

incase it mutates into something hostile as it would be a threat that is unable to be destroyed.

how are they gonna do that, it creates the matter it needs to grow out of nothing already as the compounds it needs and the process is only sped up by light

if you wanna kill it you gotta use a virus that stops it from using its defensive anomalous properties or remove its membrane and place it in stomach acid, also they are unaffected by pressure and gravity so they’d never become a black hole, what they would become is a huge planet made of amoebas that grows every day and could become the size of an entire galaxy because of the way they experience gravity, and due to evolution they would probably diversify into a lot of things, the growth would probably only plateau at the point where it’s growing faster than light travels assuming none of them evolve to infect and kill the others by fooling them into thinking something they want is touching their membranes, another option would be to make it temporarily newtonian and modify it to create planets with the exact gravity of earth and then stop growing the cells of the planet and instead make von neumann probes with the cells on their surface to produce more planets in a direction there aren’t already many planets before they produce an atrmosphere with the exact same composition as earth and then start replacing its cells with the same materials as earth is made of and then shut off the matter creation abilities until a chemical is used to turn them on but that chemical will dissolve its membrane causing it to be unable to produce more of itself as it has to be in a vat purely filled with its cytoplasm and you could make it stay fully newtonian when exposed to the chemical, that way you could use it to power a fusion reactor, you could use it to make stars too

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I don’t know if I implied this correctly, but my goal was to get across the point that this civilization is non-hostile unless human actions force them to be hostile. Sorry if that wasn’t communicated correctly

They are both individually more powerful and numerically more powerful, and while not technologically advanced they can do things that seem like magic to humans. I didn’t detail them cause I didn’t think anyone wanted to read an essay on my fantasy civilization lol

Edit: I misread what you stated, yeah they absolutely can’t be killed with a single bullet. Some of the subraces are also heavily armored by nature, and others can move faster than the bullets shot at them, some can summon golems, etc. You are right that the main advantage is technology, though energy isn’t really a problem for the civ

Anyway I just intended to insert this as a fun little thing didn’t mean for people to go off about it lol mb

Nickname: Lost in Fractals of s̴̮̬̉m̵͚̠̜͓͉̿̎͊̎̅̄̐i̷̡̯̠͐̏̅͋͘͘̚͠ͅļ̷͔̖͉̬̻̭͇͓͚̑̇̏̇͆ē̸͈̗͎̜̙̖̫̟̲̣̜̝͓̖͒͌͂͠(smile)
Class: Apollyon
Description: SCP-08245 is a seemingly ordinary Romanesco Broccoli only that upon the following conditions, the subject will be sent into a zoomed-in state on the SCP:

  • Subject makes any physical contact with the SCP.
  • Subject has any amount of SCP in its field of vision.
  • Subject thinks about the SCP.
    Upon entering this zoomed-in state, the subject’s physical body will transform into a round yellow ball with a smiley face resemblant that of an iOS smiling emoji. Due to extensive testing with cameras, it has been shown that the subject will see a green fractal identical to a typical Romanesco Broccoli. They will feel extremely calm and obliged to “zoom in” through unknown means. After zooming in for approximately 1337 seconds, binary code will flash for 0.1 seconds, and there will be one portal in front of and behind the subject. These portals will each lead to a different but unique fractal, although fractals of similar type are documented. However, after 1337 minutes, the effects of isolation set in and the subject feels a constant sense if impending doom. At this point, an extremely disfigured and disturbing smiley face appears behind the subject’s field of vision. Upon being looked at, the subject’s body in real life will begin mindlessly planting the seeds of SCP-08425 contained in the broccoli itself. Both ways, the smiley face will tell the subject that “you will meet your loved ones but you must agree”, and if the subject’s inner monologue agrees, a random relative or loved one will fall under the control of the SCP. The subject will see the relative accompanying them, and tests have proven the relative is in fact sapient and thus likely real. However, if the subject’s inner monologue disagrees, the smiley face will manifest in real life and attack, and brutally torture and massacre in 100% of cases the entire subject’s family. All while the smiley face’s physical manifestation is doing its slaughter, the subject will be subject to ever-increasingly disturbing fractals(common themes include decay, flesh, gore, and often liminality).

burn all of that specific broccoli with the power of the surface of the sun and make anyone affected refuse or use a brain scrambler memetic agent on them, if you can make them refuse give them amnestics to make them forget they ever had any relatives, if you want to keep it alive though, plant exactly one plant of it in a few locations and have it cared for exclusively by a fully automated system with absolutely nobody allowed within a 2 mile radius of it unless they are under the effects of an antimemetic which is used to allow maintenance staff to keep the automated broccoli house to not be affected, make fake news reports of a nuclear power plant having a meltdown in the locations you keep the broccoli and give any maintenance staff hazmat suits to reduce possible suspicion, falsify reports of staff transporting nuclear waste either not being careful with the nuclear waste or being caught in the blast zone of the nuclear reactor meltdown, to not make nuclear power thought of as more dangerous produce false reports and videos of staff who were supposed to monitor the reactor and fix any problems drinking on the job and noticing severe problems but reacting as if they just saw a cat catch their extremely annoying neighbor’s bird.

what is this about? the underground civ or the infinite bacteria?

yes, this is easier than throwing it to space. engineer a virus to kill it.

if you say so

this is irrelevant, the question is how do we contain it before it destroys the galaxy

newtonian gravity or newtonian fluids? what is the thing we make newtonian? how is making planets related to scp?

“discover the chemical that kills it” would be a deus ex machina solution to this scp. nothing in the original post suggests something about a chemical that turns on the matter creation abilities or dissolves the membrane

if humans can know this, then peace is a viable option

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well all you really need to do is take an existing virus that affects amoebas and change the surface proteins to mimic compounds on things the amoeba eats (assuming it uses the same genetic machinery as the virus) as to become an amoeba you generally have to have some kind of pressure to do amoeba things, generally just because they benefit you though if you can’t die of energy loss

infinite amoeba

exponential uninhibited growth plus the closest thing to gravity they experience being constantly accelerating at 9.8 m/s² to the nearest object no matter how much mass it has

you figure that out an your own

fluids, and if you have something that creates matter from nothing why wouldn’t you use it to indefinitely prolong the heat death of the universe?

you don’t dissolve the membrane unless you can remove it first, you need to cut it off before that and then it has no ability to regulate what goes in or out, also you’d need to study it to find out what it does to create matter to find out how to turn it off, what i said is they can make their cytoplasm basically indestructible and their membranes have total control over what molecules go through them, the cytoplasm can’t osmoregulate with much efficiency and the membrane can be removed, cut, perforated, etc. also with how useful it could be i don’t see why you’d want to make it extincted, if you really want it out of the galaxy though, put any you find in strong containers that resist expansion and are water tight and yeet it at a percentage of the speed of light, preferably above 50

this is the answer then. i attempted to give a solution but you offered something else.

heat death of the universe isn’t considered an scp anomaly

you can remove the membrane and the cytoplasm is still alive?

even if it the container is made from neutroneum, eventually the expanding amoeba mass would apply enough pressure to burst it. you said the amoeba was resistant to becoming a black hole,

so there is no strong enough container to keep it in.

but we only have modern technology and other scp’s