Share the "Media Whose Name You Forgot" from your childhood in hopes someone knows what it is

Self explanatory title.

When I was little I saw a show (or more likely a game) that went like this:

The scenery was all low-quality 3D, almost like it was straight out of 80s cgi. The main character is a face without many details, faceless and white (not Slenderman) Reminds me of the character from Dynablox, only a little more tall.

The story was as follows: You arrive at a semi-abandoned base and have to survive by jumping between the floating platforms inside. If you fall, you die. There’s a bad guy who wants to try to stop me, I have no idea why. The setting was kind of dieselpunk again, very low quality.

I’m 75% sure it was a dream, but it felt so real…

So there was a zombie show on YouTube, basically it’s a show made to show how dumb people are in zombie movies, at one point people start posting videos on the internet on how to survive the zombie apocalypse, they set up traps and it’s pretty funny. Nowadays the only episodes that you can find are s1ep1 and s2ep1, that’s because the studio that produced it was bought out by another studio and that studio decided it was a loss and took the videos down so they couldn’t make money off of it and didn’t have to keep producing it. Yea, it’s dumb. I don’t remember the name but if anyone can find any other episodes please let me know.

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There is one series that I am looking for (there were 2, I found one after a long time of searching):

There was one series that I pretty much watched when I was little, something like 17 years ago. I don’t know if it’s a children’s series or even for babies (I’m not sure about that, I’ll settle for a 2000s classic). All I repeat that sticks with me is one unusual object: “The Reversal Mirror” (at least that’s how it was translated. It wasn’t in English). A mirror capable of returning attacks and other objects. I remember that there were 2 parties that collected powerful and magical objects that whoever controlled them… I don’t remember anymore, but I’m interested to know his name.

The second one I already found was actually an anime (one of the few that was actually translated and was not in the global border known as Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-O) in which there was a summoning of the Earth to participate in an alien spaceship race competition in order to obtain the prize - one wish from “God”. Many races wanted him and there was a competition (more correctly approaching an intergalactic battle) between 2 races - humans and another one whose name I forgot). This is a series that follows a little girl who was abandoned by her father who wanted to meet him, who happened to be a successful businessman involved in a spaceship competition… I don’t want to write too much about it because I already found him not long ago. It’s called “Oban: The Star Race” and believe me, as soon as I found it, my childhood ran like a dream…

But the first one, I’m still looking for.

I used to play this game on Kongregate. I think it had a picture of a fairy for the thumbnail? And you’d basically drift around the game changing the colors of objects… I think? I barely remember it at all. It was a side scroller and it had pixel art. I want to know what it was, because I am 90% sure little kid me played it wrong, and I’d like to know what it was so I can play it again but properly this time. I’m pretty sure it was a puzzle game but I just went around changing things’ colors.

Also, my sister put on a few anime for me in the past and they were all vampire animes and to this day I’ve only discovered the name of one of them. The only one I’ve found is Hellsing, which I was able to find because I remembered ONE SINGLE LINE from the show which showed up when I watched it. The others… I have no clue. One of them was a highschool anime and all I can remember is that there was a vampire girl who everyone thought was kissing her classmate so they’d dote on her but she was always just biting him on the neck, presumably physically harming him in the process lol

The second, all I remember (other than it having vampires) is a girl and a guy, I think the girl was the main character, walking down the street at night and the girl sees a baby, starts doting on it, and then I think the baby cries?

I have no idea why my sister was showing her little sister so many vampire anime but yeah, I’m super curious what they were now… If anyone knows please help

Also, I have a similar memory of what you’re talking about too and I think it was a YouTube video? And it was set in a video game type world, I think… And it had a bunch of collaboration for the voice acting. I think the main character was referred to in baseball terminology or something. Called them a pitcher or something like that. It’s a really weird memory but I feel like I remember facelessness and jumping from simplified platforms. You got me curious now lol

The plot of the second thing you mentioned sounds oddly familiar…
I wonder why…

a game at a library on a computer which involved organs, in which you could see their names, and squish them with a virtual finger showing how tough/soft they were.

a game on my dad’s old iphone(iphone 3-4 ish, glossy graphics though, so probably old) I played when I was very little, and it was this game, where these notes would jump up and you had to tap them to add puzzle pieces, and there was the good storyline, and there were song titles and levels like “kiss a queen” and "revenge of ____"and there was this blackish redish boss I think in the "revenge of _____"song, that would attack you, although I forgot how exactly, probably if you messed up. The icon is this note with some sunglasses, and the notes in the game make noises. If you do well, they will give you a “C”, “B”, “A”, or “S”, and if you were really bad, which was me for a while, given the really little age, it would give you no letter I believe. I played it up until about 2nd grade when that phone suddenly started losing battery quickly, and although it still works to this day, it pretty much has to be stuck to the charger constantly to play.
Probably not exactly lost media though.

I spent a long time trying to find this. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything, but I found this masterpiece of all times

A game for computers where you play as a fish and eat smaller fishes. You unlock new ones as you play, the final fish is a shark (great white?) and the final mission is defeating another shark (megalodon?), defeating it puts a text on the screen with phrases like “it went back to the fringes it came to, ecosystem is restored” but I may be creating new memories. It may be a flash player game.

Feed and grow fish.
is your first one


Maybe use a term other than “lost media”. The term “lost media” gives me the willies thinking about scary scary lot media creepypastas, and I don’t want the compulsions(I may have mild ocd, but now it is even less prominent) to push me down that spiral of googling things I do not want google.
Maybe use the word"media that’s name you forgot", which I know is corny.

I don’t want to upset anyone so let’s go with the cheesy

I don’t get that impression at all. I think lost media is a pretty cool term, though usually it is used for things that you cannot find online but now what they are, instead of using it to talk about stuff you kind of remember but not enough to actually find it.

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my impression is obscure, scary media that was pulled away from the public, and due to it’s obscurity, I find the term unnerving

Then it would be “Thrive Unsolved” not “lost media”, lost media is obviously refering to media that was lost, not removed voluntarily.

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There was a game I remember playing at a apple store around 2017-2018, and it was on this ipad where there was this game where:

  1. There was this hooded main character
  2. If I remember right it was something related to lights being stolen in africa if I remember right
  3. The antagonist was this floating grey crab creature
  4. Main gameplay was tapping the correct symbol to jump from stone to stone
  5. Only dialogue I remember was the crab creature saying"I will devour you"
  6. Had decent graphics, and if I am right, the game was set during night
  7. Game had levels

I had something like this recently, I had a dream some haunting dream and I woke up with random jumbled words in my head “gladiator, dog, princess, robot”
It was a show I watched on television a few times when I was a toddler. I never finished it.
For years I wanted to watch the final episodes and finish the series, but I never did. The I forgot about it.
But after I remembered I was consumed with a need to find out what the series was, but nothing I did worked.
Eventually I just resorted to coming through the list of animated shows on Wikipedia, eventually I found it.
It was a South Korean/Spanish show called Eon Kid, I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet but it’s all on youtube so I’ll probably watch it soon.
This had already happened before a few times with some other shows, as well as a few that were genuinely dreams.

I remember the game, it was like a puzzle game, on some island, the game had heat and cold mechanics, at some point in the game you had to activate some kind of monoliths all over the island, sometimes some kind of giant creature appeared on the island, from which you had to hide, and also at some point you could see a werewolf chained in chains in the caridor.

was it a flash game? There are plenty of obscure flash games out there.

No, it was clearly not a flash.

I also remember a blue and red crystal/artifact that could warm and cool