SkyGuy returns with RPGs

Skyguy’s latest attempt at writing with other people.

This game is going to be pretty different from my others, so hang on a bit as we work out the rules and principles together.

This game has no direct relation to any of my previous three games, though you may notice Easter eggs.

If you want to join just let me know, and hopefully we have enough players to start this Saturday! Player Limit will start at 5, as players get further into the game there may be opportunities for others to join (such as a divergent group)

Now I would like to welcome you to the Role Playing Layer of Thrive, inspired in part by the famous Path of the Wild. Rather than controlling a species or a civilization from the role of a omnipotent God, you will instead play as an individual, attempting to survive, and possibly thrive.

You will control a character, whose traits and qualities will depend on your past choices. When this character inevitably dies you will assume the role of a related character, again depending on the choices you made in the past.

That means there is no choice to ‘evolve eyes’, rather as you play your character, you can utilize your sense to detect nearby prey or predators. As you use this often, you will develop a sense trait, which can further be enhanced by usage. Some qualities will not be available as your present self, meaning you must at some point pass your traits to the ‘next generation’ to allow them to unlock new decisions and traits.

This game will be split into Rounds of up to 5 players at a time. This means each round I will write the outcome of the actions you have taken, with a period of time passed. The exact time skip will depend on the characters, at first simple moments to potentially entire generation skips depending on how evolved your species becomes.

Actions may take place over time, and you may take multiple contingent actions so long as you have the brain capacity to do so (such as searching for food automatically becoming consuming food if caught or resting while waiting). The more creative, within reason, you are with your action, the more that a single turn can cover.

Actions will be judged by a difficulty level adjusted by present traits and conditions, and chance. An easy task will likely always pass, while a difficult task may still be accomplished with a favor from the gods. The opposite is also true.

There is no game without risk. Your character will have to accomplish basic tasks, such as satisfying hunger, or risk death. Not accomplishing much in a life may have negative effects in the next life.

That said, evolution is a generational process, and death of one person does not (usually) mean the death of a species.

A characters actions will be limited by their traits and complexity, a human is able to accomplish a lot more in a month than say an ant. Again said, a tree can accomplish a lot more in four centuries, evolution does not have a goal, simply a response to the environment, neither is there truly a goal to this game. Maybe you want to be that flying creature, or maybe you want to found a civilization, or you just want to be that dick predator attacking other players. The choice, and all of its consequences, are yours.

Not everything is within the control of the individual, fate will play a role, as the tsunami, earthquake, ph change, or even meteor cares not for the dreams of man. There may be changes to the environment you must adapt to, if possible.

I am a terrible artist, I will try to be as descriptive as possible if requested, and may attempt to utilize some bots for pictures, or you may submit your own art.

I will attempt to post twice a week, Fridays and Wesdndays at 1800 Pacific Coast Time. With a specific deadline, I will post, but may not include all the details of a round until later or by request.

I would like to start at the easiest stage with the Last Common Ancestor as our starting point. However, if people agree they would rather play a DND style role play with created characters, or start as land creatures or even intelligent characters as leaders of proto-sapiants I am up for changing the details.


I will join the game

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Hi, I’m gonna join this game

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I like to join the game :slight_smile:

I think we either start as a land or proto-sapient be the best

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Nice 3/5. You guys ok with starting as LCA? If that’s the case I’ll write round 0

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Im joining
Not gonna miss this chance!

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i’m joining!
whew, got the last slot…
i’d like to start as a LUCA

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Id like to start as a primitive fish OR a primitive land creature i because i almost never see land creatures in any evo forum game

but if we start as a fish or land creature then we’re kind of pushed down one path, meanwhile if we start as flatworms or coral or whatever we get all of the choice on what we want to be

  • LCA
  • Multicellular
  • Land
  • Protosapian

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Ok the results were, not quite what I expected. So here’s what I’m going to do. Every player will be able to craft a species. First round will be starting condition round.

Basically here’s what I’ll need:
Location and biome
Species name
Species traits
Character (mainly age, sex, and any unique traits that they may pass down or give them a natural selection edge)

Each trait will be rolled against a set number by difficulty, for example flying will be rolled against a higher number unless there are traits that would help a flyer.

I may request clarification or cut things that give an unfair advantage without a drawback.

Final note, protosapian trait does have a higher ‘cost’ and will limit the number of other traits and the number of mutations between generations.

doesn’t protosapian mean right before a species becomes sentient? i thought you were trying to steer away from civ games a bit.

Right before it becomes sapient not setient

Think very early human ancestry, more akin to Dryopithecus. That is to say, very rudimentary intelligence, complex social webs, but not yet any real tool usage.

Basically pack leaders, points invested but not totally unlocked to forming real sapience.

Also as a note sentient is basically capable of emotional reaction, while sapient is capable of rationality and planning. Dogs are sentient but not sapient

its see like it aready full when i just get up.

oof… make me to teh wait list pls if now place

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So we create a proto-sapient race right?

si, if thats what you want to create, since others said they wanted to not play the intelligence game i decided to give them the liberty of choice. But to prevent say Dogs from being hunted to extinction three turns in by musket wielders Ive limited them in tech and biological traits.

If you decide to play a nonspaient it is still possible to gain sapiance over time, and it is also possible for a sapient to decide to regress, but its just to keep it a bit more far

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How do we create it?

Species: Skyroma
Species Biome: Alpine
Traits: capable of limited flight (gliding), heat insolation (think fur), predator (meat eater, claws and canine) social creatures (packs of between 6 and 10)

Character: male, young adult, pack leader, has stronger than average wings.

Flying 10/15 average Skyroma cannot fly for more than a few meter, more of a glide to soften falls

Heat insolation 20/10 Skyroma fur not only keeps them warm in the winter, can be shed in the summer to prevent heat stroke, and have visual identifiers for social interaction

Predator: 8/10 Skyroma diet is mainly meat, but due to the demand must eat twice a day to stay healthy, and their canines and jaw structure means their primary method of hunting relies upon surprise and strong swipes with claws

Social creatures 1/10: Skyroma are fircely territorial, even going so far as to kill those who roam into their territory without permission

Character: 15/10. A young adult, whose wing joints are more flexible than average, meaning he can utilize his wings for limited lift creation

Starting condition: 3/10

You wake up in the high mountains you have always called home, your breathe visible in front of you. Your cave is empty, you have lived on your own for the past season, searching for a place to call home. It is time for the long sleep, but your stomach does not agree with your brain. You must eat soon or risk harm

Health: healthy
Age: young adult
Hunger: hungry

You can be more or less specific with your traits and character, the more you put in the more i can play with. The more plain or traitless you make the character, the more leverage you will have in your future evolutions (more known potential in LCA than in 21st century animals)

If you leave some details out, i will make certain assumptions or request clarification. Should you notice inconsitiancy in my rounds, feel free to lmk and I will either explain why or change the round to better suite