Space Stage Easter Egg ideas

So easter eggs you spot them, and we love them and so here I was thinking about some Easter Eggs on Thrive Space Stage.

  1. The Grox: I think it’ll be a cool Easter Egg of its predecessor Spore

  2. The Qu: Maybe when you explore through the Space Stage you can see them

  3. Asteromorph Gods: What’s the Qu without the Asteromorph Gods of which defeated them and there’ll probably a mission where you the player and the United Galaxies team up to defeat the Qu as an Easter Egg to All Tomorrows.

  4. The Quintaglio: I want to see these Tyrannosaur descendants make either an Easter Egg appearance and/or a cameo for all of you Quintaglio Ascension fans

cool but, did you ever take into account, that thrive is supposed to be the more, scientific, spore?

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Yeah, ik but I just want an easter egg to pay tribute to it

Another cool easter egg would be a giant monolith like in KSP. You could find the monolith on barren moons or flying around in space.

I think a nice easter egg to have in the Space Stage is the random chance for a planet’s randomly generated name to be replaced by the name of planets from other games/media.

A few I would potentially like to see in Thrive are Magrathea, Kerbin, Planet 4546B and Hoth.

Here’s an Idea, you can discover Earth in the game, but you can’t go to it or interact with it in any way, and when you hover over it just says something like, “A planet similar to your own home world, to bad the inhabitants seem to be to focused playing some game called ‘Thrive’ to notice we you are even there.”


It would be nice to have some references to sci-fi movies, like 2001 (A ship in deep space whose only information is “Goodbye Dave.” And interstellar (A planet whose description is “Things go by fast around here”)

I like this idea, but i would have to make a change: when you go to it, you will find actual mammals and dinosaurs living together, also coexisting with tricordates. Tadaaaa: a Sim Earth Easter Egg.