Hello there. New to this thread? Here you can discuss about technologies that you’ve heard of and that you find interesting to talk about. It can be about past classified weaponry, present technologies that are fully or progressively developed or future technologies. It can be about AI, space propulsion tech, weaponry, transportation, terraformation, etc. It can be about anything as long as it is about technology, preferably human technology.
Though you can discuss any technology, it would be fun hearing about space thrusters/propulsion systems and terraforming technologies.

Thanks and have fun! (gabeN)

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The Russians (sorta) have laser tanks.

Excuse me what? How the hell?

Holy Gray, they really do

Can you show us a source of this information?

Lasers are actually a working tech in the military currently. These are no personal handheld laser rifles that immediately blow up whatever you point them at of course, but instead they work as a way to shoot missiles out of the air by heating them up until they explode mid-air, and can even take out drones the same way, but with less explosions.
IIRC the only one I know of is used by the US navy and has been put on a boat, but I would not be surprised if the Russians have managed to downscale it enough to work on a ground vehicle.


Calm down pls! Russians are same as others. We haven’t got guns in our flats, and in our towns you don’t find any bears, and we not great programmers, and we not only drinking. We are as other, as you. We have some good national Kulibins, but I think, you have your Thomases Edisons. You can’t judge about all Russia because of questionable photos of some trainers in circus. You can see your youtubers, that live in Russia. And I don’t know about laser tanks. The picture seems photoshopped. If you think this post is aggressive, please forgive me. I should have said something, because i tired about this misconception. And many ordinary citizen want to move to another country, but can’t.

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I chose wikipedia because it is funny, but other sources exist.

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It wasn’t an attack, it was just more how in general it would not surprise me if any group at all would manage to downsize it to that amount, and since someone claimed the Russians managed it I said the Russians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I wouldn’t really call this the Russians (even sorta) having laser tanks, though, there was research for laser weapons on each side of the cold war.

How did this thread become about Russian laser tanks?

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It’s not only about laser tanks, it’s only that they have talked about it. But you can discuss any technology here!

lets talk about Russian laser tanks

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we all know russia stole that thecnology from the beta retilians,commonly know as the dark gray aliens,not to be confused with the whiteish grays or the normal grays.

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Naturally. What interests me most is how many characters I need to make this a valid post.


Ok now. Since I’m starting to see useless posts about the same subject, I think I’m going to change some rules for now.

  1. When talking about a subject, please don’t make useless posts such as the one @combi wrote. You can make jokes, but it must introduce a subject about technology. If you don’t use a joke to introduce something, but only to make a joke, I may flag you if I see at least three useless posts (@zenzonegaming, @combi and @Magic8Ball04 wrote useless posts) on the same subject (in this case, laser tanks). @Magic8Ball04’s post doesn’t specify the subject because he only said “Naturally” (his post is sort of neutral, just like the comments next time @Magic8Ball04). Therefore, I consider this post related to the subject to make it count. This time, I’ll tolerate these useless posts, but next time, I won’t.
  2. I am the master of this thread now. Because I have seen useless posts on the same subject, I can now decide the number of subjects and the subject(s) you are to talk about in this thread for an indefinite amount of time (until I say you can discuss anything you want). However, to keep it democratic, I’ll make polls with some subjects in such a case (choice with most votes wins, but I decide how many votes can be made). From now on, I decide that you are to talk about only one subject. I’ll create the poll later on.
  3. If things get out of control, I’ll call @hhyyrylainen.

Do you maggots understand that?


The maggots understand. Interestingly maggots are used as a therapy because they appear to wipe away excess flesh better than normal methods of wound cleaning. The more you know.

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Ok. I am going to make a poll, and I will include your subject as a choice, @Magic8Ball04.

What do you want to talk about ?

  • Maggot therapy
  • Terraforming technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence technologies

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Does anyone know how air conditioning works?

I don’t, but have you read my post? I was serious about putting things in order. But I guess someone can answer your question. I’m tolerant about it for now. After receiving a pertinent answer for your question, please proceed to the vote. Thanks and have fun (gabeN).

you know i thought of hover tech many years ago and the current hover tech being developed is the exact same idea. to use magnets of the same polarity to cause them to push against each other causing it to hover.