The Book Idea Thread

Why are u torturing me nover what did I ever do to u

No don’t worry, i already stopped.

I’m sorry, but it was neccessary. The order of the universe depended on it! And [CHARACTER] x Reader is the first thing i think of when someone says fanfiction, sorry.

Fair enough.

Another idea I just had was slice of life book based on country balls, and I want it adapted into a cartoon or an anime when I finish the series,

Oh yes I had the same idea, but it was mostly like F R I E N D S B A L K A N E D I T I O N (yeah that’s a good video)

Just had an idea about the history of Spore written into a book.

**oof another double post *cough *cough

Anyway I once had the idea of a book called Expeditions of the Future: Alien Worlds and basically it follows the perspective of a species that is like humans but evolved to a different species, and they were exploring planets. We follow one particular perspective of a crew that landed on a planet that didn’t have too much life on land, but lots of diverse life in the ocean.

They set up a base and they study their environment. I originally planned the book to be a normal one with the perspective being on one person to set up character development but I felt like it didn’t fit with the overall vibe of the book so it would just be like a book documenting progress through years like this:

2456: they set up a base

2557: they make some greenhouses or whatever

I had an idea for a book. It would be similar to what you said, but more Xenobiology Center of Terra
(Yes it would be called Xenobiology Center of Terra: Midas-95)
Basically a telescope (Midas) discovered a planet and the government of the Terran Commune sent some people to explore it. They analyzed it, and in the book you can see information about the geography of the planet, temperature, size and other things. Then they decided to finally analyze the species, and also in the book you can see the species, subspecies, some fossils, the phylogenetic tree and food webs.

So it’s basically XenoBiology Center of Terra but bigger

Another idea of mine is a book documenting the progress of a certain game I am working on (which if you didn’t know it is a project @Evolution4Weak, @Nover452, @TeaKing, @zenzonegaming, and I are working on).

Edit: It’s a top secret game that will be released soon hopefully

If you want to hear the project’s secrets you have to join the development team

i thought zen wanted it secret lol.

Well he made a poll so it’s already public

no i mean what the project is about.

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Wait but I didn’t say any of the project’s content didn’t I?

no, but you said the name. which could show some of the game’s content if someone does some research

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