The delusional ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic 🍌

That’s pretty sus ngl

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Arizona has officially made Pluto a planet once more, take that stinking Euros! You tried to strip us of our glorious achievements, but you failed! God Bless America! Freedom! Guns! Mcdonalds!

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can you give a source to that claim?

Look it up! What are you a Euro? A M E R I C A!

Well, it’s just arizona, not the entirety of US. One state within a country doesn’t turn a dwarf planet into a planet.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Euro, but even Rhode Island alone holds more authority over the Solar system than any other country.

Why don’t you go standardize your currencies a bit more? You ‘people’ love doing that.

What about Canadians?

my theory about canada is that is just an american territory, just like puerto rico. why it would be an independent country? both speak the same language, are in the same alliances, canada don’t have an big population, theres is no motive for its existence, excerpt making america look smaller. You see, during the cold war, for making the Red Scare more effective, the american government needed an way to make america vulnerable to the USSR, but not too vulnerable so it wouldn’t be powerful. So they created Canada, quickly made an flag for it and said it was an country. this way, america would still look an big growing country, but not comparable to the evil belgiums dominating the world. Notice how weird is alaska exclave? another thing to contribuite with the red scare. this would made ussr dangerously close to the US, threatening American freedom, and giving reason to enter the Korean War, Vietnam War, Operation Condor and other imperialist conflicts. All hidden through Canada.

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canada was created in 19th century under british rule. You’re wrong

If anyone is wondering why I’m responding to this, trappist’s political beliefs would pass this kind of false data.

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i think could have been some misunderstanding here due to me not specifying again that it was an silly theory, and not historically established facts.

And how do you know about my political views? I never talked about them on the forum nor we are allowed to.

America decided long ago to let those people be a ‘country’ so we would always have something close by to laugh at.


Canada is better than “America” in many aspects.

In which aspects? Maple Syrup doesn’t count, we needed to give them a cover-reason for existing, so we pretended that it was a ‘Canadian’ who invented it.

Don’t tell anyone I said that though, telling foreigners such information is punishable by execution and revocation of US citizenship…

Canada doesn’t have this.

Oh yeah? Just yesterday my ‘Canadian’ cousin and his entire family were burned at the stake because they didn’t say ‘soorrhy’ after someone bumped into them!

Also, this sort of info is stuff that the US could be invaded over. Talking about it is literally treason.

You’re going to have to try better than that, Euro.

do you have any sources on this claim?

Sixteen of my relatives have been burned at the stake. I think I know what goes on in my own family. Especially when it involves them being executed for violating the sacred pillar of an entire culture.

I am horrified to say this, but Germany… IT WAS AUSTRIA ALL ALONG??? Just look at how many things are matching! Same language? Check. Size difference? Check. Same alliances? Check. Why would they be separate? Well, pretty much the same reason USA and Canada ofc! Heck, they even were officially one country at some point! My case is that “Germany” has been established by the Austrians as a cover for their crimes, so they can be committed through “Germany” and “Germany” can take the blame, thus Austria just seems like another small, innocent European state! An off-brand Switzerland! This conspiracy goes so deep that the ethnicity, the language, the culture, the history, it all has been renamed to “German” and “Germanic”. The population imbalance between Austria and “Germany” is almost an exact reverse of the one between America and “Canada”, but that’s also a part of their plan! It’s harder to blame Austria for its atrocities this way! In my country some say that “Germany” is actively trying to subsidize other European states and take over EUs core structures, that it already has created foundations for it’s IV belgium and soon all the other EU members will just be provinces in “Germany”. Today I have realized that it’s all true… However, “Germany” is not the master mind of this scheme, BUT AUSTRIA!!! And it allways was Austria!!! This entire time it was Austria! “GERMANY” IS AUSTRIA! “GERMANY” = AUSTRIA!!! AUSTRIA IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER EUROPE, AND EVENTUALLY, THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! SOON, THIS EARTH, THIS SOLAR SYSTEM, THIS GALAXY, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, IT ALL WILL BE AUSTRIA.

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I’ve been watching these ‘Paramount Mountain’ videos on X for the last few minutes and they would have absolutely melted the brains of anyone from the 2000s.

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The world needs to be more grateful to America. We keep Ohio contained.