The delusional ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic 🍌

Who are you, kindly stranger?

Do you remember me zenzone?

and me? O.O


*Sobs *you rewember us?? (ㅠ﹏ㅠ)

The only thing I remember is that March 9th happened… Why did March 9th happen?

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Use search tool to check what happened on March 9th. Also don’t double-or-more-post.

It’s not like there’s some kind of rule against double-posting.

uhhh… so about that…

I am the one and only.

I caused march 9th to not happen.
I want to forget everything i did, but it is all coming back now…

Why am I a clown?

You are?
I thought you were a blobfish crossed with a tiktaalik.

Because you were clowing around, for what other reason would be a clown for? Now it’s time to go back to your roots, only by weaving throught them will you weave throught the future.

i have proof of march 9th existing

Stop lying.

March 9th does not exist, August 1st does not exist, and February 30th does not exist.

So does February 29th sometimes. Some really bad things happened on that day but a man also decided to put old, congealed milk in his mouth, thus inventing cheese.

March? Where are you marching?

To March 10th. From March 8th.

Because March 9th does. Not. Exist.

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It’s literally on the calendar what are you talking about?
Okay, who here believes March 9 exists?

Do you think March 9th exists? V

  • Yes
  • No
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my brain is Schrödinger’s brain when it comes to march 9th

i simultaneously know everything about it and not at the same time.

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that is the correct answer