THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

Because memes have got nothing to do with Thrive

Also Forum Games and the Shout Box have nothing with thrive and this thread is in the non Thrive section

Aye, but this is the Thrive Community forum, not the Unorganised Belgiumshow Forum

Question: is it an abuse of power to create a thread here specifically to post and promote my own music?

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Wait, isn’t there already a music thread?

There’s a Thrive music thread, a music feedback thread and a music suggestion thread but I’m asking whether I can create a thread to post my music on just for promotion, since a lot of people here follow me and my compositions to some degree.

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i say you should make one, but it should be one anybody can use.

I’d say as long as it stays on topic, I wouldn’t see a problem

I’d say that you should do that, only if it stays on topic. If you don’t want your music thread defaced, prohibit Kiky from intruding in.

To avoid possible drama in the forums (not that there would be any in the first place)

j o k e

Now, what the hell, like what m I? Ur treating me like a plague! Its not a joke anymore i become less friendly with you every day!

fam you spam memes on occasion it’s not like he’s just pulling something out of his arse

Did you mean :belgium:

Why does everyone use :belgium: As a curse word?

reference to hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

Oh which book because i dont remember reading something about belguim in hitchhikers
And you know whats funny belguim it might split into flanders and walonia soon

ten c

RIP meme threads. 2018-2018


Come on dude it was one meme ONE MEME!

It was “originally” a reference to HGttG, but in its more recent form it has been referencing the censor system on the old forum, which would turn swearwords into the word “Belgium”

Cool cool now make a meme forum game now

For omnicron only

I’ll give you scooby snack (from scooby doo)