THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

it might? but I have’nt used it, it’s still pretty early but you could try

it forked from monodevelop

While it’s a bit unlikely you’ll hit this, but Visual Studio is not actually free. You need to pay much more than for JetBrains licensing if you don’t qualify for the community edition of Visual Studio.

How? NET 7 was just recently released…

That’s why you need to install dozens of plugins to add in all the IDE features you need. I haven’t used it myself but from what I’ve heard you can basically turn it into an IDE with the right plugins (kind of like how emacs is also barebones out of the box but you can get most IDE features with plugins).

All C# IDEs (including MonoDevelop) I’ve used, use csproj and sln files as they use MSBuild or a compatible tool to build the code.

You just live in different timelines.

WARNING: The following sentences may contain a cognitohazard. Danger class: Existentialism

Honestly, being all alone on the forums is kind of creepy. The idea of a website just being there, dormant, existing, abandoned, with noone using it scares me for some reason. It’s just… So odd…

Sometimes I wander randomly through an outdated space simulator forum, looking for addons for it. It’s so strange how there are still active people in that place, as if it’s something unnatural.

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what with all the talking dog films in the 2000s, Beverly hills chihuahuas, airbud, airbuddies, cats & dogs

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another creepy thing is the errors in the neopets servers causing peoples neopets to get eaten by a stray who took their place

I thought this would be funny, probably wrong


i dont get it,

but i think its funni

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How can I not qualify for the Community Edition? You mean if I don’t have a Microsoft account?

Last time I remember using VS for C#, I remember it being at version 9.0 or 10.0. Hmm… I need to do some research.

Update: I’m so stupid; I was unconsciously talking about C# 9, not .NET 9.0. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Good to know. I know that it might sound silly of me, but I thought different IDEs had different ways of treating sln files since Eclipse can’t work with VS sln files (I think at least).

Vive la France!

Nature has murder, Thrive has to show murder. And it’s not like other games don’t have murder.

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Commercial users with enough revenue or employees (I think the limit is like 5 employees or a couple of million in revenue per year). So it’s basically a free trial to get commercial users whose programmers are used to it to have to pay for a bunch of licenses.

Well IDEs usually have their own project formats, which is a pain. For C# the standard way to specify projects has become the csproj and sln files, so when working with C# you are good. I would guess that if Eclipse has a C# plugin, it would probably depend on msbuild and would work with csproj files.

But for example if you use C++, all IDEs will have their own project formats. Except CLion uses CMake files directly so you skip the step of having to generate platform specific build files.

Happy Thanksgiving!

On another note, what team do yall want to win the world cup?


Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t really follow soccer (?) much


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving (I think…) Second, I’m not much of a soccer fan, but

ESSE ANO O BRASIL VAI LEVAR O HEXA! AQUI É 100% JESUS! OLE OLE OLE OLÁ :brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil:

Yes, in case you’re wondering I’m the Brazilian who likes soccer the least


Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t have much of anything else to say, so I’ll end it here.

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happy thanksgiving! I don’t really care about soccer either, but i want Brazil to win because i live there, of course B)

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Happy thansgiving to all
Edit: Anyone thinks that Burgeon is just a troll at this point?

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Oh no, Americans have overtaken the forums again.

I think I’m quite close to arriving at that conclusion, because surely no one is that unaware of how their interactions appear to other people.


Happy Thanksgiving!