THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

mine is saying there are only 3 results, with the latest being mine because apparently problems with computers like fixing themselves when you submit a complaint about them, and showing none of the other (checks notes) at least 20 between now and 403

WARNING - You are consuming 300 ppm of Hopium daily, above the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended of 30 ppm. Consuming these levels of Hopium daily can be EXTREMELY harmful to your health. Symptoms include:
-Loss of balance
-Nausea and constant vomiting
-Hallucinations involving Gabe Newell revealing the secrets of quantum mechanics and the Fermi paradox.

It is also important for you to understand that your daily consumption of industrial quantities of Hopium (Ho-3) is also affecting global production. The last global Hopium reserves are almost running out.
Despite that the Artemis Program have in their plans to build a lunar Ho-3 mining plant during the 2030s, NASA’s own scientists also need Hopium to continue their work.

The last time a Hopium shortage occurred, all of humanity, regardless of ethnicity, social class or religion - suffered from a lack of social order, economic instability, and four more Mad Max films.

So, I speak for everyone. For all humankind, use Hopium in moderation.

I’d rather moderate my sodium daily consumption as I’m suffering from hypertension.

I have changed my pfp, what do you guys think?


Thrive is a free, open-source game about the evolution of life.

From the lowly tidepools of your home planet, you will rise to cosmic dominance. At every step, powerful creation tools and deep simulation mechanics will aid your species’ development. Revolutionary Games is the open-source team of dedicated volunteers aiming to make Thrive a reality.
(source: )

Let me put its here:

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SteamVRFest has begun, but I’m not seeing the Deckard. Perhaps it will release in the coming days?

Well now I also have changed my PFP.


Is it the PFP bloom season?
Spring hasn’t started yet


Hey I just realized that there’s now a spoiler tag that’s neat…


On en voit de toutes les couleurs!

— French idiom

Image of their pfp in case they change it again

That’s why I must use this tag to prevent myself from spoiling the ending of Season 8 of Game of Thrones or even from using the :belgium: words! Or even from revealing how an underwater civilization could emerge on its own.


I think it will be better to use that than our current filter

right now, I can’t even write ant-eater normally (it will get as anbelgiumer), and that an animal

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It’s supposed to represent the 8 accepted ShellCore Factions

With Those Being:

Red - Crimson
Yellow - Olive
Green - Verdant
Cyan - Turquoise
Blue - Azure
Purple - Violet

White - Colorblind

Black - Ex-Factioneers (those who abandoned their colors in the favour of cross-faction cooperation)

(btw I already fixed anteater)

Adding water wheels without adding realistic water just makes the power requirements in create mod meaningless.

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Yeah, i thought the same thing when i started playing it. Another thing that is kinda silly is that in ad astra, you can just make an infinite water source for infinite oxygen in a moonbase. In real life astronauts are going to extract water droplets on lunar regolith, which yeah is not that fun too.


you need to keep the water source in an oxygen area though or it’ll turn itself and anything it’s logging into ice. also if infinite power generation with limited SU makes the power system meaningless then a boiler that powers a tree farm, a charcoal factory, and a water pump makes the power system meaningless as well.

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TIL that the Valve Store just got closed. Forever.


Didn’t they closed like 4 months ago though?

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didn’t you post a GabeN video on it when it happened?