THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

What discussion? There were so many different discussions!
Edit: Ahh, you mean that one? We don’t speak about it. It never happened.

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What is “that one”? nothing happened on March 9th, why? because the date simply doesn’t exist.

It’s a date that only exists in a black hole restaurant.

I had an idea. Every time someone asks what happened in March 9, someone sends him a copypasta with several layers of encryption, and it leads to an imgur link, which has a paper written with another encryption, and so on a few times, until arrives at the final link, where there is an image of rick astley, but in the corner of the image, there is an almost imperceptible text explaining what happened that day.

Basically, making it impossible for those who didn’t witness the day to know anything.

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How would you explain what happened on that day when that day didn’t exist?

It’s much more likely that Microsoft just makes a Minecraft 2 with a huge marketing push and then a little after that just quietly stops updating Minecraft 1.

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Minecraft bedrock edition has existed for a long time and also has most of their userbase, yet they still havent stopped updating java edition.

Isn’t that more like they are not allowed to stop updating the Java edition thanks to the buying agreement? So if they really actually wanted to dump the Java version they might be able to do that by creating a Minecraft 2 that only has one codebase for it. Once they think they can get away with that they’ll do it and try to get everyone to buy Minecraft again.

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Isnt there already a Minecraft 2? (Yes i know it’s an April Fool’s Prank, and it was last updated in 2013, but still, it exists.)

An April fool’s joke is entirely different from if they actually announced and did it. Though I guess Microsoft did skip Windows 9 so they could skip straight to Minecraft 3, but they’d have a really hard time convincing people that skipping 2 would be a good idea.

Congratulations @Oliveriver on reaching 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube!


Tell that to gabeN lol.

For anyone who has watched and finished Steven Universe:

Did valve ever skipped 2?

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Telling you guys, this is like the HP: MoR of Steven universe.

No, but they clearly don’t like the number 3, which they could skip.

ah yes, the{☒☒☒☒]shaming incident

I’m missing an entire muscle group that is supposed to be on your shoulders and didn’t realize that until someone pointed it out

Your theory can’t be proven valid until Valve releases a game with a “4” in the title.