THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

Team FOURtress

I have an idea that the upgrades for organelles happen in a branching fashion so that players can’t suddenly switch from one hyper-adapted organelle to another, and they have to go with a single evolutionary route only.


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There’s this weird Polish new age-ish cult called Jasna Strona Mocy. It’s run by a guy who calls himself “Król Sanjaya z Lehji” (“King Sanjaya from Lehja”). The group believes in flat earth, chemtrails, NWO, and plenty other conspiracy theories as well as general quackery. Here’s a video of Sanjaya “proving” that Jesus Christ is a reptilian, translated by one of the cult members (probably with a very heavy use of google translate). Trust me, it’s hilarious.

Lol, But the level of stupidity doesn’t even come close to the biggest sect in Brazil: The Bolsominions.

After the former president lost the 2022 elections, they, who were already lunatics, got very worse and started doing absurd things, like singing the national anthem to a belgium tire, praying for aliens, turning army bases into a wall of lamentations, and on a more serious note, try to recreate the capitol invasion.


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At least JSM isn’t seriously dangerous (yet), just a goldmine for the creation of YTPs. As a side note: the cult got to the attention of many Polish internauts via a Polish popsience YouTuber, SciFun, who featured one of their videos in his five-part series of debunking the flat Earth theory.

Other than an upgrade tree, it can also be by organelle editing, putting clorophyl inside a membrane makes it a chloroplast and it can be upgraded to better photosynthesise. Endosymbiosis would work in a similar fashion, you get a membrane full of organelles and remove all of them except one in order to start upgrading it. In the thrive podcast, the devs said that editors inside editors inside editors is taking it too far. It can be a compromise between an editorception and an upgrade tree, so no chloro-mitochondria or 3 layers.

My creature :slight_smile:


Seems like no one has noticed yet that that screenshot is spoilers for non-Patrons…


Very suspicious.


He’s trying to create an underwater civilization!

When I finally get out of my depression, I’ll start testing Thrive again.

uh oh

the last visit “im going to kill you family and all peoples that you love and then hide the bodies” is back

Thats a joke hh not ban me pwease

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@hhyyrylainen, what is the language for Discourse plugins?

Ruby and javascript

There’s a tutorial here:

If something can be written in Javascript, it will eventually be written in Javascript.

I love Fireship’s videos.

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Except the Discourse backend, and all of the web apps I’ve started, and, and…

JS is just so terrible that anyone who knows better won’t use it unless absolutely required and even then just the minimal amount.