TheGreatChainOfBeing's Game Logos [NEW]

TheChainOfBeing’s Logos thread

Hello everyone, I am TheGreatChainOfBeing and I am a major Thrive fan and I think that this game has a lot of potential, and i am even more convinced of that after the switch to the godot engine.
I have an artistic sense and I hope to help the community through its development.

I made this post because some of you know the thrive logo isn’t great , it has some flaws like for example the small text in the middle of the logo and the fragments of the circumference look a little bit ugly.
So I have decided to create some logos that i think the community will like.

Planet Logo

Species Lineage logo

DNA logo

So as you can see in the images i created different style of logos, one of them is just the common space styled logo that you would see in any space agency, representing a planets shadow over another. I’ve also made a logo that represents the a DNA and another one that represents a species lineage.

Tell me what you think so I can make a better one with a higher resolution, you can also send some ideas and I might create them.

I am also thinking of making a smaller version for the desktop logo, but first tell me what you think abou this one.

Please share this with the deveopers if possible.
The font used was Gill Sans.


hey that looks good! Also welcome to the Thrive Community Forums™!

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Wow! These look pretty good! Also welcome to the forums @TheGreatChainOfBeing!

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I like all the images but I prefer if all the text was a little spaced out

Also welcome to the community!!! I hope you have a great time here.

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we said almost the same thing haha

The text should be spaced out kinda like this:

The image isn’t nearly as good as your logo’s though

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Also welcome @TheGreatChainOfBeing!

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These logos are really good, specially the planet one. Welcome to the forums.

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i really like the planet one but all the logo are very clean but i do think the text is a bit unreadable with the H and R being hard to differentiate

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Yeah I agree, it should just be spaced a tiny bit so we can read it a little easier

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Thank you :smiley:

I do think the planet one is the best out of the 3, i am going to make another variation of these logos, and I am probably going to make the text more spaced out.

I am going to make another version of these logos .