Theory on how species from other planets could be made

Hello there!

I thought of an idea of how the species from planets that aren’t from the player planet could form, I called the idea: The editor idea (me bad at names).

The idea is this: A procedurally generated base land creature is formed, then that creature goes throught 50 editor cycles, once the cycles ended, one of the species is randomly selected, if it can sustain sapience then it will be given it, if it can’t then another one is randomly selected, if none of the species can sustain sapience then make them go throught another 50 editor cycles and repeat.

the pros are that:

  1. doesn’t require much computing power.
  2. is fast.

the cons are that

  1. Is not accurate.

Let me know what you think about this idea and what could be made better of it.

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I like the idea, but for realistic ecosystems you would need to repeat this process for each niche, which is doable I guess.

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The idea I had on how this works is that the entire planets in the space stage are pre-generated. So we can use a lot of computing time to finish simulating a planet for a wanted amount of time (or until an advanced enough species appears), then the planet can be saved and we can include that with the game files. That way we can have well generated (within all the game rules) planets in the space stage, without it taking a really long time to generate when playing the game.


You could even do the spore thing and include previous saves / planets shared by other people for more variety. Since that actually makes sense in the case of entire planets.