Thrive Civilization Game (Part 3 Reboot)

I’ll make a civ.
Give me a minute and I’ll be back.

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Alright actually how do you make a civ?

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Pick a direction or location for your people to come in from. Use the intro as a reference but you can pick anywhere.

There will be a role for start that will determine your starting tech, as an average it will be what everyone else has (basic weapons, complex organization, the ability to make houses etc.) If you want something specific or more than that then you can request it and that will get a separate roll

Name of civ
Any specific traits or description of your people.

Remember that it will all be subject to a roll, any any complex or specific things will potentially be subject to their own roll, so if you ask for something it’s no guarantee you’ll get it. (ie metal weapons at the same time as having writing and an incredible sense of astronomy)


Name of civ: Grabbar
Location : The jungle
Any specific traits or description of your people: Tabaxi. That’s it, they’re cat people, and any bonuses or debuffs will reflect that.

That good?

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Interesting, using your own species. I’ll allow it for the sake of something interesting and new lol.

Sounds good


Also, this gods lore:
Randomly appeared, no explanation for everyone else, has no idea what he’s doing.


AKA: wasn’t a god 5 seconds ago.
Or even sure he was alive 5 seconds ago.
Or (according to others) even existent 5 seconds ago.

I’ll link a lore pm to all the forum game masters I use this character with.

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Name of civ- Rulers
Location- plains
People- Koijan
People of will. Normally black hair and eyes, but some family lines have white hair with gold eyes. The Koi family, while not the strongest, it is the oldest in the tribe and are committed to making the civ better in all ways.

Despite their lack of cultural practices, the Koijans have a deep belief in the heavens and their heavenly arcs. They believe that these arcs connect the mortal world to the divine, and that by following their guidance, they can attain enlightenment and a better life for all members of their civilization.

The Koijans stand at an average height of 2 meters, making them average-sized compared to other civilizations in the area. They have a basic level of technology, with simple tools and weapons that are used for hunting and defense. They are a self-sufficient people, relying on the land and their hunting skills to sustain their way of life.

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that name’s a major power move.
yeah i’ll join, i’ll just resume being my old civ.


i will join back as my old civ of the past


Civ Name: Shornia
Location: temperate-warm climate plain in a peninsula that is cut-off from the mainland by a mountain range.

Traits: militar-scientific loyalist culture which particulsrly exaltes contributions to the community.

There are two gods in Urulomn (their religion’s name):

  • Halion, titled “the radiant one” and “The conqueror of a thousand lands”, he is the god of war, conquest, light, day. He is the sun (he isnt a god of sun, he is the sun itself).

  • Loniua, titled “the illuminator of the night” and “the uplifter”, she is the goddess of knowledge, lies, deception and night. She is the moon. She is also believed to be the one who uplifted the Shornians from animalhood to personhood.

The few people who are born with snow white and dark purple skin are instructed from birth on how to be an Aryunalt (the title of their high priests) for their respective god, people with snow white skin become aryunalt of Helion while dark purple skinned people become aryunalt of Loniua

100 thousands years ago a Grinus Rivela population migrated in the Ovrian peninsula and in the thousands of years had little genetic exchange whith populations outside of the peninsula, this wasnt enough to speciate them but was enough to create a variation of the species, called Grinus Rivela Ovrunos.

Grinus Rivela Ovrunos are taller than other Grinus Rivela populations and have horns that measure qn average of 45 cm which grow in a wavy pattern. Their arms and canines are also proportionally much longer than the ones of other Rinus Grivela populations.


I’ma do it, imma win a forum game!

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Genocide time

I’m working in the round now. I have 6 players, 3 taking back their old civs, 3 new.

@TeaKing as oprectim of the eastern forest

@zenzonegaming do you want to be the banarama of this game or of vasarius?

@doomlightning as the griblors from vasarius

@Centarian as the cat people of the jungle, grabber

@GodOfKnowledge as the Rulers of the plains


@fralegend015 as the shornia of the unknown peninsula.

Anyone want to change anything? I’m going to write the round and have it out this weekend


Good, good, the Rulers shall rise!!

The penisula is called Ovrian (which is the reason why the variations is called Ovrunos)


Ill make sure to attack you first

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I have the geographical advantage, why do you think I choose q peninsula protected by a mountain range?

Good thing ill be cracked at boats

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good thing im minding my own business


So was cartahage, so was cartahage…