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This thread is to discuss rules for future games of Thrive Odyssey. We’re in 50 BC and we’re almost at the Industrial Revolution, which doesn’t make any sense. However, the current game will remain the same. This thread is only to discuss gameplay mechanics and rules for future games after this one ends. While we can discuss them, we can also test them after agreeing on the rules.

The game’s original plan was divided in three parts :

  1. Ancestors – Biological Odyssey
  2. Divusion – Cultural Odyssey
  3. Spacefaring – Technological Odyssey

I suggest that we divide each part into Stages of the real Thrive game while considering human factors.

For instance…

  1. Ancestors – Biological Odyssey
    a. Aware
    b. Awakening
  2. Divusion – Cultural Odyssey
    a. Society
    b. Industrial
  3. Spacefaring – Technological Odyssey
    a. Space
    b. Ascension*

* The Ascension stage could be a part of the game where every player is playing god until most of them agree on starting a new game.

I also suggest that we do research on hominids and human history to make logical assumptions of realistic alternative history or gameplay.

To start with the first part, Ancestors.

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Wow this is impressive but i am confused on what this post is for?

So is this for when the game finishes or for this current game?

For when the game finishes.

I am unsure if there will be a game like this afterwards but i do think if there is another game , i feel like we should just skip to the divusion stage as the ancestor stage did not really have much too it?

We should not skip the Divusion stage, but I agree that the first stage didn’t have much. I’ll continue the discussion tomorrow.

Reminder for myself: Timezone talk

I think that if we would go back further than Proconsul and play as the first primates, maybe we could simulate predefined evolution. The first primates were between Cretaceous and Paleogene, which means that they might have seen dinosaurs and how they got extinct. The question that remains is What was the common ancestor of all primates?
While the first stage has a kind of predefined path, it would allow us to simulate an evolution stage like in Path of the Wild, except that most species of the environment are already set in place.

I’m pretty sure primates evolved after dinos went extinct
and we shouldn’t go way far back into the past
it’ll get very boring halfway through the stage

also since we are in alt-history, shouldn’t we be able to evolve our own primates? there should be no predetermined path

No, alternative history should be set for the second stage only to avoid complications.
What I mean by predefined path is that we follow the same species evolution line. The actions, however, are decided by the players.

Wait, don’t you mean the past?

yes i meant the past
i make mistakes like that alll the time

what complications?

Why should we play primates?Shouldn’t we play the humans who migrated out of africa?

Anyway, it’s because I think there wasn’t enough to the first stage.

No, it’s because this thread is to discuss all stages for future games. The first stage was us evolving into hominids.
It’s because if we evolve into a completely different species than humans, it would make it difficult to determine or predict what’s in the second stage because things would be too different.
The predefined path is just the evolution of primates species until we reach Hominids. It would be the Aware stage.
It’s also to avoid creating religion when the species doesn’t have a big enough brain to conceptualize such a thing. It would also avoid zenzone creating a religion out of shitposts he started.

For the inventions and hominids, we’ll see as they would be part of the Awakening stage.

Aware substage

We choose a set of species. We, the players, decide how are we evolving into the following genus. Should it be by mating? What kind of actions should we use? Should we just try to survive like in Thrive? Sure, it’s boring to just pickup fruits all the time so we’ll have to make decisions.
The Aware substage ends when we all learn how to create basic tools.

Awakening substage

This substage would be us playing as the advanced hominids (Homo genus). Evolution this time could be performed by us discovering new technologies. Every time we discover a technology, we become the next hominids. It ends when we discover fire.
Hmmm… I need more time thinking. I might edit the comment later.

The main problem with the first stage was that there was really nothing to do.

You basically mate and survive

It was really just a delay to the fun part of the Civ Stage

I also don’t like your stance on predefined path
I feel like having a predefined path limits on what you can do

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Does that mean we should shorten the first stage?
Forget the predefined path. What I meant was that when we mate, we become a species that has really existed (e.g. Australopithecus).

thats exactly what a predefined path is

Well then, does that mean we should automatically remove the first stage, thus removing the foundation of the original game?


we should be able to evolve our own species
and we shouldnt go waay back in time
so about 5mya should be the maximum we can go

Yeah. primates is too early, but evolving our own species deviates the game from what it was supposed to be. That’s the problem. You want to evolve your own species, but I don’t want to completely change the OP.

Yeah but does it though?

i don’t think we should go extreme and become sentient dogs


Hmm, good point. But how would it affect the second stage?