The Thrive Odyssey

Welcome to possibly the grandest forum game in this iteration of the Thrive Community Forum. In this series, you will face the challenges of the past, the present, and the future of humanity. Unlike Path of the Wild, which is set in both iterations of the forum but still in one general line, this game will be divided into parts, like our real history. There will be 3 main “Volumes,” each relating to prehistory, history, and posthistory. These volumes will be further divided into Acts, Acts into Chapters, Chapters into Scenes, and Scenes into Moments. All these periods are dependent on your decisions in the game; whether it’s eating some fruit or ascending beyond the game. These are the volumes:

  1. Ancestors - The Biological Odyssey
    This is the “prehistory” section of the game. It’s a play on the game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Here you will begin as the ancestors of all mankind: the great apes. You will guide them slowly but surely out of the animal kingdom and help them stand shoulder to shoulder with Anomalocaris of the Cambrian Oceans, Meganuera of the Carboniferous Skies, Tyrannosaurus of the Cretaceous Forests. Through biological evolution, you will build the base of motricity, communication, senses, and intelligence for the future dominant beings: hominids. You will also be able to make early tools and even branch off from Homo Sapiens to coexist with them! This isn’t suggested though, because only They remain as of today. Anyway, it will end when you learn to control fire.
  2. Divusion - The Cultural Odyssey
    This is the “history” section of the game. The title can be misleading, but it’s a cross between division and diffusion, the two true superpowers in our time. While biological evolution doesn’t stop, it slows down staggeringly. It will be replaced instead of cultural evolution. The path of the Spiral Dynamics starts and ends here, from the stone age to the unity age. As the dominant species conquers the planet (whoever it may be), it must learn to accept that those of different beliefs all share the same goal and are the same species. It will end when all of the humanoid species unite as a faction with the help of the technological singularity. In other words, complete globalization.
    3. Spacefaring - The Technological Odyssey
    This is the “posthistory” section of the game. After humanity has united, they can focus on the stars. They will embark on the tales of post-singularity technology, expanding to every corner of the galaxy. As of this volume, humanity will learn the true meaning of their existence, and embrace it. You will not be alone, as other alien species have evolved to spacefaring stages alongside you. You can either extinct them, or you can form allies with them, or you can do anything in between. The galaxy and its secrets will be waiting for you. This volume will end with humanoids ascending.

This path won’t be easy, and I won’t help you much. Nature, being intent on simplicity, will throw everything she has to kill you from meteor impacts to cascade errors. But through cooperation and interdependence, you can succeed all the hardships of our evolution. She also limits what you can do in this game. You cannot randomly change periods, or do huge actions stuffed into tiny words (ex. I wage war and win). You need to take steps with your actions and based on previous events. When your species goes extinct, you will be reincarnated as an individual of the dominant species. Look after the children; we borrow the earth from them. Progress is inevitable, but the division isn’t. And you have until 9:00 AM Eastern time on September 7, 2019, to join the game.

That is all for the rules and layout. Now you will embark on the expansive odyssey(s) of human evolution on and outside this planet. Use your mind, voice, and senses to guide your voyages. Gain strength in numbers and advance your species. Survive the elements, teach your family, build a home. Transform the earth using your powers and knowledge passed down millions of years. Explore every biome, continent, planet, and star system. Learn the true meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

And remember…

Evolution is not set in stone. It is your path to forge, and the world’s to follow.


I Join
Is There Anything Else I Need To Do?

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I’m joining too! It looks super awesome!

Nope. Just wait till Saturday at 8:00 am Eastern time and i’ll be right here to start the game

Ok. Do I need a tribal name for ancestors part? If so, I’ll call my character “Abayomi”, which means “Brings great joy” (according to Babble).

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I’m joining definitely. Out of curiosity how many people can join?

im gonna join. (post filler)

I’d like to join. Filler

Im gonna join.A filler as well

i would like to join but how do you play.

It’s actually surprisingly simple. Type in an action and you will attempt to make it happen. If you’re thinking of a big goal like building a pyramid, you have to take steps toward it with each round. These will be influenced by previous events, especially those caused by you (karma). In all volumes, this will be represented by the Six Values of Civs from the old forum: Strength, Reason, Pleasure, Kindness, Tradition, and Honor. These will be nonexistent when you start. In Volume I, you will play like the Path of the Wild, except aiming for both a human body and sapience. The values mentioned will increase in opacity as you understand more about the world and become crucial during Volume II. You will also advance upwards the path of Spiral Dynamics from Beige to Coral. Look at the chart below to see what I mean.

You should also evolve your tech (think the Caveman to Cosmos tree) as time goes on all the way to the Singularity, which is required to achieve the Coral stage. During Volume III, you can still change your values, but technology will become infinitely influential because of the Singularity. Then it becomes your standard space 4X game with deep lore.
Trust me. When I redux this game, or make it an actual game, I’ll be more explicit.

Edit: On occasions in which I cannot host the game (School and public events) I would like @Magic8Ball04 to take over for those times. You can still play yourself, but this doesn’t mean that you have more privilege than the other players. And yes, you can do anything when it’s achievable, like name your members or make symbols to represent your civ. You should make them meaningful though.

You got it chief. If I suddenly disappear in an accident possibly related to the Michigan mafia I hand control over to… ok I am obviously picking favorites, @OmnipotentFNarr I choose you

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Omni seems like the better choice.

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And what if Omni is busy?

Their decision I guess but at that point you’d be in a parallel universe where “I got struck by lightning” is a common phrase

@Magic8Ball04 were you going to do me instead of @omnipotentfnarr because i was notified that you mentioned me.

I was, then @CalvinTheThriveling4 suggested that I do @OmnipotentFNarr. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal but if you take it personally I assure you it’s not.

i don’t i was just curious.

@CalvinTheThriveling4 when exactly will the game begin?

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Yeah, when does it start? It was supposed to be at 8 am.

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