Thrive of Empires 2

Just like all other martial arts

Vote: fishing nets

Looking at the google sheets I just want to make sure you saw my vote Null

And dooms

I overlooked those but i filled it in now. Also for dooms vote, i want to give the note that the existence of the herplederps already acomplishes the objective


I should also have rope right?

Is this still active?

Yeah ill probaly do the round today it was just that ive been busy


Im doing it right now dangit
I kept forgeting or didnt feel like it . Today i got a day off so i got time to do it.

Zenzone got a one on his roll for fire. His species lives in houses up in trees. This wont end well for him. He even had agriculture

Round 5 finished
Pings: @sci0927 @TeaKing @doomlightning @TwilightWings21 @aah31415 @fralegend015 @Evolution4Weak @GodOfKnowledge @zenzonegaming

Zenzone you got pretty unlucky with something really dangerous so thats why it didnt end up so well

Action: Make music using rocks

act: agricultre

Vote: lenguage again

Vote: Writing and Reading

Try to make fishing nets, again


try fixing pottery again

You should remember to include the link.

Also you need to update the tech list.

Vote: Language