Thrive Ranking (Microbial to Ascended)

Here are my hints for ranking!
(based on number of posts)
Microbial (difficult to count, so I only took two numbers)
Lowest : 3
Highest : 8

Multicellular (same here)
Lowest : 17
Highest : 33

Lowest : 40
Highest : 82

Lowest : 101
Highest : 229

Lowest : 265
Highest : 431

Lowest : 478 (screw it, now it’s 469)
Highest : 898

Lowest : 1’232
Highest : 1’323

No one has ascended yet. I hope @RoboRomb will be the first to ascend!

Note : I won’t update the stats for a very very long time. But feel free to let me know if I’m wrong about something.

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Now everyone on this forum has a goal


Don’t post for nothing though, just be normal on this forum and remain sane

I guess I’ll post the actual limits for the ranks again.

Rank New Microbial Multicellular Aware Sentient Tribal Industrial Spacefaring Ascended
Post count 0 3 10 50 100 250 500 1000 5000
Read time 0 15 30 120 240 480 481 482 483

Read time is in minutes. The post count should count both posts and threads. To get a rank you need to fulfill both the time and post requirement (the read time requirements are pretty low after the first few so they are easy to get).

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I love that to go from Spacefaring to Ascended you need 1 more minute of read time, and 4000 more posts!

That’s some serious words per minute of typing.


Here are graphs of @hhyyrylainen’s data:

Ranking%20and%20read%20time%20(in%20minutes%2C%20curve) Ranking%20and%20read%20time%20(in%20minutes%2C%20scattered) Ranking%20and%20number%20of%20posts%20(curve) Ranking%20and%20number%20of%20posts%20(scattered)

That first curve graph may have been the most illogical graph I’ve even seen a program like Excell make, with that weird bump. Just adding the line with paint would probably have been better.

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