Thrive Ranking (Microbial to Ascended)

Here are my hints for ranking!
(based on number of posts)
Microbial (difficult to count, so I only took two numbers)
Lowest : 3
Highest : 8

Multicellular (same here)
Lowest : 17
Highest : 33

Lowest : 40
Highest : 82

Lowest : 101
Highest : 229

Lowest : 265
Highest : 431

Lowest : 478 (screw it, now it’s 469)
Highest : 898

Lowest : 1’232
Highest : 1’323

No one has ascended yet. I hope @RoboRomb will be the first to ascend!

Note : I won’t update the stats for a very very long time. But feel free to let me know if I’m wrong about something.

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Now everyone on this forum has a goal


Don’t post for nothing though, just be normal on this forum and remain sane

I guess I’ll post the actual limits for the ranks again.

Rank New Microbial Multicellular Aware Sentient Tribal Industrial Spacefaring Ascended
Post count 0 3 10 50 100 250 500 1000 5000
Read time 0 15 30 120 240 480 481 482 483

Read time is in minutes. The post count should count both posts and threads. To get a rank you need to fulfill both the time and post requirement (the read time requirements are pretty low after the first few so they are easy to get).


I love that to go from Spacefaring to Ascended you need 1 more minute of read time, and 4000 more posts!

That’s some serious words per minute of typing.


Here are graphs of @hhyyrylainen’s data:

Ranking%20and%20read%20time%20(in%20minutes%2C%20curve) Ranking%20and%20read%20time%20(in%20minutes%2C%20scattered) Ranking%20and%20number%20of%20posts%20(curve) Ranking%20and%20number%20of%20posts%20(scattered)


That first curve graph may have been the most illogical graph I’ve even seen a program like Excell make, with that weird bump. Just adding the line with paint would probably have been better.

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one more post and i’ll be microbial

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How cute

Laughs in Industrial

EDIT: Nice necro btw

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lol(ive only been here since yesturday do people say lol here)

Also, this kind of post should be in the misc. thread. So, post that in the misc. thread next time.

? also this is random but my pc clock is off by an hour

Post it there next time.

A few people say lol, although I can’t guarantee that I won’t absolutely despise you if you do again.


lo-, u know what im not gonna do that