Thrive Translation and Correction Office [TTCO]

I think 2 of the sizes where so that gettext didn’t realize they were a prefixed variant, so it messed those up. But for the others I saw that it was mostly able to pick the already made translations (though of course it marks them as needing changes).

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Brazilian Portuguese :brazil:

  • Should the term absorção replace engolimento as the translation of engulfing?
  • Similarly, is autoevolução better then auto-evo? Someone added this word to the glossary.

I personally think it’s preferable to keep auto-evo abbreviated unless it’s absolutely necessary otherwise.

What’s the Auto-Evo Exploring Tool?

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Something coming in the next release.

Here’s the issue describing what I wanted it to be (it doesn’t yet have all of the things I specified):

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We need an explanation of all of these:

Biodiversity attempt fill chance

Biodiversity from neighbour patch chance

Biodiversity nearby patch is free population

Biodiversity split is mutated

Low biodiversity limit

New biodiversity increasing species population

Use biodiversity force split


Yes. Ideally with some screenshots too.

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They are all related to the auto-evo exploring tool. I added a screenshot to all of those, here’s that screenshot on the forums as well:

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Does “move attempts per species” refer to migration?
Also I struggle to even interpret what some of these options mean in English. What is “biodiversity attempt fill chance”? Almost sounds like a string of unrelated words. I know it isn’t, but still.

That doesn’t help much tbh. It’s still a buch of utter gibberish to me.

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That’s the best I can do without having someone constantly read through the auto-evo source code and translate the various parts into exact English phrasing. They are internal auto-evo variables that the auto-evo exploring tool lets you tweak.


There’s a part of auto-evo that tries to make sure there aren’t patches with too few species in them. That variable controls that behaviour. The other “biodiversity” options also relate to that feature.

I’ll just leave this stuff untranslated for now.

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But an accurate english phrasing is exactly what we need (even just as a tooltip). As a player, having incomprehensible menu options doesn’t make for the best game experience.

Unless they’re all going to become very clear once you actually play with the update for a bit and see what they do.

The tool is not really meant for players, it’s for us developers to use when developing the auto-evo. It will be included in the game as that’s easier for everyone and some players might get some enjoyment out of it.

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What does “ambitious” mean in this context?

having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

So it makes AI much more likely to pursue chunks, even if there’s perceived competition for them. I think, I have not fully read the AI code so this is again one of those things were someone would need to read the code right now to say for certain.

I cannot tell what biodiversity is and what it does in the game.

“Biodiversity attempt fill chance”
-Biodiversity attempts to fill patches as a chance? It’s the biodiversity attempting the chance of fill in patches?
-What is biodiversity in this context? Is it diversification rate of individual species? How does biodiversity attempt things? Shouldn’t it be called something like variation attempts of system?
-What is fill chance? Shouldn’t it be called cell filling chance in patches/niches?

“Biodiversity from neighbour patch chance”
-“Biodiversity chance in neighbour patch” is better?
-Does it only include a smaller part of “Biodiversity attempt fill chance”?

“Biodiversity nearby patch is free population”
-“free population” as in not affected by biodiversity settings in any way?
-How does this differ from “Biodiversity from neighbour patch chance”? Is this more like a togglable version?

“Biodiversity split is mutated”
-Biodiversity splits itself or biodiversity is cut in half by some factor?
-Half of cells is mutated and other half remains unaffected?

“Low biodiversity limit”
-Lower limit of biodiversity?
-Why is there no upper limit option?

“New biodiversity increasing species population”
-What is old and new biodiversity? What is their difference?
-Old one does not always increase species population?

“Use biodiversity force split”
-Biodiversity forces a split?
-What is a split and what gets split?

Those are internal names. You don’t have to translate them. I hope that in future these, let’s say, “options” will get names that actually can be translated.

I did end up making changes to the English text for the auto-evo exploring tool as just directly putting spaces in variable names did not result in very understandable options at all:

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What does this new string mean?

“Hold TODO: input for cursor”