Unusual technologies

yeah theres no reason we coudnt use humans as fuel. we would be incredibly ineficient though with our brains eating up our energy and taking 18 years to fully mature. we could go the oil route and just wait a million years but that would take a million years

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The idea was to avoid recycling, which seems like it would be the obvious choice for a long voyage, by instead carrying all the food on-board, and then collecting and refining the crew’s waste into the propellant for the end of the journey

woudnt it be more efficient to just recycle food and use the extra space not used for carying food for propellant? i think proppelant is more energy dense than waste.

If you’re using a seperate fuel source, then probably not, because as long as the waste can be compressed to the same densities as other propellants, then this food storage method will eliminate the need for energy to be used in recycling, without increasing the energy needed in other areas

Another interesting use for propellant: If you are regularly sending ships from your planet to another place without an atmosphere, then you could use the hull of the ships as propellant, which will give a great reduction in the effective mass

A giant bubble also is not very efficient, that’s why humans made airlocks in spaceships instead of making a bubble in it.

unless somewhere in the tech tree of evolving madness as we speak, hyperstructures, (a video explaining in great detail here

What about if your technologies are essentially modified organisms? As in you either domesticate your creatures into a certain result, or you more directly change their genome to something applicable to your use? What if we humans for example took something like a rhinoceros beetle and only allowed the ones that looked the most like bottle openers to bred? I do not care for the practicality as perhaps the combination of your pet also being a useful tool even if not the best can be more appealing to some. I suppose this is the same case for bioships. This was already said but could this allow for underwater civilisation?


What about a machine that harvests antimatter from neighboring systems and stores it, I don’t know what you would do with it but since antimatter effects light the same way as matter I’m pretty sure we can find some somewhere in the galaxy.

Isn’t the opposite the case, I mean it seems there aren’t large pockets of antimatter in our universe?

It seems that way because antimatter acts the same way as matter, so it’s hard to tell if there is any out there, all we know is there isn’t much in our solar system, which makes sense because if to much matter and antimatter are in the same place, their bound to collide, so there are probably other systems out there in our galaxy that are made of antimatter and we just can’t tell because antimatter reacts the same way to light.

From very quick searching it seems to be that our universe doesn’t seem to contain any significant quantities of antimatter:

There is strong evidence that the observable universe is composed almost entirely of ordinary matter, as opposed to an equal mixture of matter and antimatter.[4] This asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the visible universe is one of the great unsolved problems in physics.[5] The process by which this inequality between matter and antimatter particles developed is called baryogenesis.

Would interplanetary chimerism be a possible thing? Where one species combines itself with cell lines from another to make a single hybrid being? That sounds like a rather interesting idea

Interplanetary? How??? It’d be cool but how would that happen, it’s not like the species could get 50% of their “body development control genes” from one species and the rest from the other, even if those existed in a useful way (that sort of thing does exist but the stages of growth are too involved you messing with them would kill the creature as a fetus) the proteins, neurological, and digestive systems would have to be integrated and they’d prolly use incompatible everything for those. Not to mention immune, respiratory, and most of all actual practicality. Bird wings are useless on a human and human arms are useless on a fish and will kill an ant somehow.

A lot of the same issues would apply in biomechatronics, yet that concept is obviously plausible. What is the big difference with combining different biological systems?

I would assume she is talking about the use of different kinds of enzymes/proteins for the same jobs, different ways the different bodies would relegate certain things, etc. and how those might be incompatible with one another

No expert tho lol obviously

Why would that be an issue? Having multiple systems doing the same things could only be a benefit. And if the proper conditions for each species are incompatible, why can’t one (or both) of them be changed?

theyre… highly incompatible. look into fetal development, everything happens in a very specific order, in very specific ways, and it’s tied to hundreds of millions of years of evolution. every species alters it a little, even humans and chimps have some differences. imagine the differences youd get if your biochemistries ran on different principles. every fetus would develop like a blob. yes, you could find a mix that “works”, but it would just be a blob that doesnt come out a miscarriage. yes, there is a fix, entirely making your own fetal development process, and a biochemistry inspired by the creature you want to hybridize, but that isnt hybridization, thats playing God to arbitrarily make new animals, which arent connected to the originals, just based on them. closer to the difference between the US and Rome than the deep south and Liberia, if you get that youre a nerd by the way.

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Yes, different species have different developments, and more different species are more different in their development. If we apply this to different biochemistries, the differences would be so great that the two systems wouldn’t interact at all. All they’d need is a few translator proteins to ensure that things go in the right place, and they’d be set

not proteins. general bodies. they’d just be blob miscarriages plus nonsensical proteins

Why though? They have all the right proteins, and there are no unwanted signals going across, so what is the issue?