Vasarius: The beginning

If you did not respond I defaulted to Forum

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so can i join now? :v: (imagine that the fingers are crossed)

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The effectiveness of the Beastmen cannot rely on the natural weaponry that other predators have, they utilize their intelligence in superior tactics and tools.
Vote: Refine hunting methods

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Family first, as they say. We must ensure food security for our people so they may prosper and develop.

Action: Refine hunting methods by developing new tactics

Whoops, didn’t realize it was the same action as @MisterMustachio, sorry


Yes you can
Just be warned that my rounds may not all go out at the same time. Different people are voting for different things that some are easier to write and some more difficult

my tribe needs something to mix it up, let’s get boats for deep sea fishing and faster travel.

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There must be a more efficent way to hunt, maybe something can help us in this activity.

Action: create simple spears

Your people already have basic spears @fralegend015

Do we vote here or in the pm?

i think whichever one you want.

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Either choice is fine but please chose one so I don’t get confused

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Ok, i think i am going to pm my vote this time

In order to truly determine our path with god we must continue to look at the sky in which they gave the first sign
Action:Look at the stary sky to determine the cardinal directions of the planet

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Do they also have fire?

@fralegend015 ^^^^^^^^^(post fillers)

Oh right I forgot about that

(doublepost bad but will do)

Some Kaloyj are curious about the plants that surround them, what can be eated and what can’t?

Action: survey for other food sources.

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@jellyfishmon @Nover452

@Nover452 48 hrs warning

Rounds are now locked